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Zhongdian means the 'middle valley', a place below the snow peaks but above the grassland where the growing season is very short and only half-breed yaks can survive in the meadows. Beijing has renamed the town Shangri-La, the famed oasis in the novel 'The Lost Horizon'. Only they can't say the name in English, so they officially call it Xiangelila. This is a cultural centre for Kham Tibetans, and the towns surrounding the city are rich in the living traditions of the Kham. They drink Yak Butter tea take care of their monasteries.

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“China's increasing middle-class growth is putting pressure on the traditional flavour of tourism across the country. In Yunnan there are still plenty of gems to be discovered, but expect to dig a little deeper to find them.”

Read more about the charms and charmless of Yunnan, where the yaks are lovley and the Tibetans are even lovelier.

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