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Three days sailing from Hobart the remote outpost of Macquarie Island is a haven for seals and penguins in search of a beach. Royal Penguins number near a million and the majestic King Penguins in the hundreds of thousands. Fewer than 1,000 people are permitted to visit Macquarie each year.

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Behind The Scenes

Thanks to Heritage Expeditions who sponsored these voyages to Macquarie Island and the other Sub-Antarctic Islands. Too few people get a chance to marvel at this jewell of wilderness, easily one of Australia's most unique wildlife experiences...

Read my guide to photographing wildlife at Photography for Travellers: "The trouble with animals is they keep moving around, sometimes very very fast and often with a knack for blending into their surrounds. It helps to know a little about the wildlife first, but you also need a little extra speed to keep pace. The digital advantage of high ISO at high quality can make all the difference."

And here's another 600 or more photos from Macquarie Island...

If you like these pics then you might like a copy of my book called "passage of the penguins", a unique account of our journey in December 2010 as a memento for our onboard travellers...

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