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While it's true that I know a lot more about cameras than I do birds, the feathered variety of wildlife has become one of my favourite photographic pursuits in recent years. As the technology to capture them gets better and easier to work with, so too the possibility for creativity and beautiful photography is more rewarding. This page is a collection of my best bird resources, feature stories and photo essays. Also, visit my tour page for information on specialty bird photography events and workshops.



Photo Essays

Birds of Uluru

This photo essay shows what you can find just hanging around the bush when you visit Uluru. They were taken during a 3-day stop over with a photography workshop. We chased the sunset and sunrise in the park, but found some time to focus on our feathered friends too.


Every year I head up to the Top End of Australia and spend a couple days shooting wildlife. This year we went back to Arnhemland and that beautiful wetlands of Mount Borradaile. This spot is marvellous for wetlands birds, big and small.

City Parrots

On the edge of Melbourne CBD are some really lovely parklands, and really lovely flowering gums, and about 17 different species of parrots. This photo essay highlights just how easy it is to walk through Melbourne's parks and find a little colour to photograph.

Magazine Publications

Australian Traveller

The journey south into the Australian Antarctic regions is not for the faint hearted. Dramatic ocean currents slam into an underwater ridge and toss our little ship in all directions. The rewards are magnificent, time on the beach with penguins. Flipping fantastic.

National Geographic Traveller

Have always had a soft spot for puffins but most of my encounters have been from a zodiac in the choppy waves enroute to northern waters of the Arctic. Just for once I wanted to stand on shore and photograph them coming in to land. So I headed to the Shetland Islands, and loved it.

Silk Winds

One of the great charms of Silk Winds as a publication is that they still do photo essays, and usually really really beautiful ones. So I didn't blink at the chance to share a collection of Australian wildlife from the Top End.

Featured Articles

Meet The Mistletoebird

Short and sweet, the life if the Mistletoebird is largely unknown to Australians. Discover what makes this little bird so winderful.

How To Shoot Birds

This is my #longread on bringing the world of Bird Photography into the realm of art. Technique meets creativity.

Birds of Kenya

After two weeks in Kenya the lazy lions were easily overshadowed by the brilliance and diveristy of birds.

Lumix G9 Custom Settings

Click here to read through how I setup my Lumix G9 for wildlife shooting, and to download the configuration ready to update your camera with these custom modes.


Western Gerygone

This lovley little songster turned up in Melbourne's Royal Park in the winter of 2018, which is a wonderful treat for bird lovers but equally a harbinger of the climate in chaos.


Malachite Sunbird

Kenya is full of magnificent birds, but you don't always need to be out on safari to find them. In fact, for photographers the very best vantage ppint may be the easiest of all.


More Photos

Birds of Kenya

Many of my favourite moments on safari in Kenya happen when relaxing around the lodges. In the shaded forests and gardens of a tented camp it's possible to enjoy the company of dozens of birds, without needing to drive all over the Masai Mara and without having to worry about a lion eating you.

Shetland Islands

I had the pelasure to join Hugh Harrop for a week of puffin chasing in the Shetland Islands. We gathered lots of gannets and guillemots onto our memory cards too, and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. I highly recommend time with Hugh on his wildlife adventures.

Puffins & Polar Bears

Wrangle Island has the highest concentration of polar bears in the world each summer, as the ice retreats and the bears are left isolated on dry land. The journey to Wrangle through the Bering Strait also allows for some puffin spotting from the water.




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