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"Photography is art, is love, is life and anything you want it to be. It's trying to find a way to share the beauty of this world, or just a photo on the wall that reminds you how lucky you really are in life."

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Ewen's New Book

"ReIMAGINE" is now available to order online.
It's a very big and very generous book that will help you to reconnect with your creative side.


Bespoke Photography Tours

I want you to experience the very best photography adventures in the world. If you want to learn more, experience more and immerse yourself in the art of photography - let me help you on your journey.

Ewen's Tours

Photography Advice

Former "Editor at Large" for DP Mag in Australia,
Ewen now concentrates on his advice website
called Photography for Travellers.
Practical philosophies on creativity and expression. Free :)

Photography Editorial

10,000 Inspirations

A collection of collections. These photo essays by Ewen Bell cover his travels and work, dreams and folleys. Find something you love.

Photo Essays

Bird Nerd

Bird Photography has never been more rewarding than it is today, with better lenses and more convenient camera systems making the experience less of a challenge and more of a joy. Visit my special bird page for articles and photo essays on birds around the world.

Bird Photography

Himalayan Highs

Every winter I head to the Himalayas for sunshine and inspiration. Have a look at what a week in the Annapurnas of Nepal looks like through the lens of the photographer.


Come Fly With Me

Take a look at the special week-long workshop we ran in 2017, a special event for photographers with a private plane to visit the Flinders Ranges, Uluru and The Kimberleys


Norway Off The Dial

The 2018 Arctic Norway Winterscapes Workshop was beyond all expectations with some incredible weather for the duration of the trip and some stunning Auroa Storms to make this workshop our best yet.


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ReIMAGINE - The Podcast

New Bits

It never ends. There's always something else to photograph.
Someone new, something new, somewhere new.




Ewen Bell's other website is called "Photography for Travellers", an online guide rich in features both practical and philosophical. Field guides to wonderful locations, insights into techniques plus inspiring idea to help you think differently about the art of photography.

Photography for Travellers

Ewen's guiding principles are simple...
"Go slow. Get closer. Look for the light."

All photography on this site by Ewen Bell


"Photography is about showing other people how to see, to share the beauty of life. It's not a job, it's a lifestyle. We only get one lifetime, one chance to add some light into the world. Photography competitions are mostly silly. Cats are excellent."



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