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A decade in the making, this new book explores the challenge of creativity and expression with the camera. This is not a how-to book, rather a foundation of practical philosophies and seasoned advice. 264 pages of beautifully published information, inspiration and practical insights to inspire your photographic journey. There will be no digital editions of this book, only a powerful and generous hardback as large as the ideas it contains.

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Companion to Inspiration

Are you finding your photography is often trapped in the technical and have lost touch with your own creativity? You might be ready for a different kind of inspiration. Creative challenges rarely have technical solutions.

Change your thinking and you change your photography.

About The Book

  • 264 beautifully published pages
  • Hardcover Edition limited to 1000 copies
  • Gorgeous 10"x12" format
  • Published April 2019
  • ISBN 9780648457190
  • RRP $85

"This book is the very best I can offer. It's who I am. The philosophies I walk through in the book are distilled from my real life experiences before being workshopped, edited and finally published into a hardback narrative of what photography means to me. These are my most treasured secrets. I want this book to inspire people to consider photography as an art form, and as an act of expression. I want them to feel empowered to engage with their own creativity and think of photography as much more than cameras and f-stops."

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Review Comments

Ian Rolfe
Photographer and Mentor

I own a large collection of photographically related volumes, but, I would not be without my copy of ReIMAGINE! Ewen’s imagery is so light-filled, luminous, dynamic and exuberant, so that every turn of the page is an absolute visual joy. What Ewen describes on each of the subjects he covers is perfectly and beautifully complemented with his remarkable photography. Ewen’s ReIMAGINE is written in a very accessible style and is especially well suited to all photographic and travel enthusiasts, no matter what level they currently have attained.

You don't have to get very deep into this book to work out what it's about, because of its emphasis on challenges for new perspectives. It formulates the case that there are so many great photos all around you, just waiting to be discovered, every time you travel and every time you really see the world, a world to be seen in a new light, and to be created by you.

If you are looking for some tangible and thoroughly different inspiration, a total re-think on the philosophy of taking images, or you crave some solid inspiration and a sparking of your own creativity, then this book is for you.

Bruce Percy
Fine Art Photographer

This book is the one to get if you’ve got a passion for the world at large. Ewen is a well travelled, experienced photographer who can tell you how to work with street scenes, people, food and landscape. Inside this book he is extremely gracious at sharing his many tips and techniques, golden nuggets that he has picked up over his photographic career. The book is also lavished with a hearty dose of ethics: Ewen knows that getting the picture is not just the only goal. The ultimate jewel for any travel photographer is to be an ambassador for the world - someone who can foster great friendships, experience genuine moments of joy and have a lot of fun along the way.

Jeff Moorfoot
Fine Art Photographer

When is a 'how to' travel photography book not a 'how to' travel photography book?……. when it's Ewen Bell's ReImagine, which would not be out of place on anyone's coffee table. Beautiful production, beautiful design, with travel images of a style not well-traveled, and with text in a breezy conversationalist style that informs without preaching.

This is indeed a lovely book and well worth the investment for the discerning travel photographer looking for a book that both entertains and offers its advice in a highly readable format.

Were it a bottle of wine and I was James Halliday I would give it 95!

About The Author

Mentoring has been a major part of Ewen's life for the last two decades, having designed unique and intimate photography workshops since in 2005. The lessons and conversations from those journeys form the foundation for this book.

  • 14 years experience instructing and running workshops
  • 3 years as Editor at Large for Digital Photography Australia
  • Regular contributor for Digital Photography UK
  • Contributor to over 20 international travel publications including Food & Travel (UK), Lonely Planet Traveller (UK) and National Geographic Traveller (UK and USA)


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Q + A

Q. What is your mantra?
A. Go Slow. Get Closer. Let the light guide you. Everything comes back to these three foundations and they really will change your photography.

Q. Why did you make this book?
A. My last book was over ten years ago and so much has changed since then. I've changed since then. Photography has changed since then. I've had another decade of mentoring and writing about the art and I wanted a book that could contain both my philosophy and inspiration. This book is me.

Q. Will this book make me a better photographer?
A. Definitely. Creativity and expression are the heart of great photography. We tend to think of these as skills to learn, but in truth there's often a bit of unlearning to be done as well. We learn constraints and rules and obsticles, and they end up defining our expression. Somewhere in this book is at least one chapter, or possibly even a dozen, that will speak to you and remove one of those chains that is presently holding back your creativity.

Q. How long did it take to write?
A. 18 months and ten years. I wanted to pull together my most fundamental philosphies and ideas from the last decade of writing for magazines and conversations with my travel companions - to give them a rethink and rewrite them with fresh eyes. At first I thought this was just an editing task for some chapters, but so much of it got a completely new write and it just takes what it takes to get it right. In this case 18 months of waking up and seeing if today's paragraphs are better than yesterday's. It takes patience to work through each chapter, because I can't force the words. Until it's right in my head it won't be right on the page.

Q. Which do you prefer, photography or writing?
A. I'm a much better photographer than writer, but writing is a deep challenge for me and so I get a wonderful sense of completion from it. Putting the two together is very special.

Q. Why not a digital version?
A. I want this book to be an experience. You lose so much with a digital rendition, especially the images themselves. The size of the pages and weight of the book are part of the experience. It’s a beautiful object and you’ll feel more inspired by the real thing than a pallid copy that’s been automatically formatted to conform to your iPad.

Q. Is this a “how to book”?
A. I think of this as a “why to” book more than “how to”. I decided to leave in a few chapters that are technique based, like the slow shutter photography and star trails. These are technical skills that can become part of your creative tool kit. Knowing how to do something is not as useful as knowing why. Understanding yourself and what you want to achieve with your photography is far more important, and will take you further. There is a dance between technical skills and creative expression, so you a little of each to make the magic happen.

Q Why did you make it so big and heavy?
A. I wanted it bigger to be honest. Is there is anything more lovely than a luscious big book fuill of great images? I was advised to keep the book at a size that the postal service will deliver without being forced into litigation. I don't see books as something to consume and discard. I have a shelf of books that has taken me a lifetime to collect and they keep me grounded. They will also prop up one side of the apartment in the event of an earthquake.

Q What's the one thing you wish you did differently on this book?
A. The cover varnish was just that little bit too much, they over baked it. It's too shiny and throws a yellow tint across the sunrise, and gave my lovely black and white pano on the rear into a greenish glow. It reminds me of the shellac that oil painters use to seal their canvases. Oh well, perfection is a myth.

Q. Are you an introvert?
A. Absolutely. There's even a chapter in the book about the value on introversion in photography. If your nature is to be mindful and aware and considerate of others, that is be a powerful foundation for expression that is meaningful and creative.

Q. Why the emphasis on philosophies?
Ideas are more powerful than a camera. It's a game changer to empower your own creativity beyond just the technical appreciation. A lot of people are reluctant to engage in a philosophical debate, as though it were the preserve of academia. I've tried to bring philosophical foundations into an everyday awareness. "Practical Philosophies". You could also think of this as mindfulness in photography. Whatever you call it, if you can change your thinking you can change your photography.

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