The art of mindful photography and enhancing your creative expression


Change your photography by changing your perspective
2019 Hardback Edition / Ewen Bell


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Here is a book you can immerse yourself in, a book to help you change your perspective, and change your photography. Bring back the joy of the art form, and get a handle on how to be more creative with the camera. There are 33 chapters that mostly focus on practical philosophies, plus a few that delve into the technical. It doesn’t matter what camera you own, the most powerful tools you have are your own experience and expression.

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Let this book guide you on a journey to re-ignite your creative expression and fall in love with the art of photography.

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  • 264 beautifully published pages
  • Gorgeous 10"x12" format
  • Published April 2019
  • ISBN 9780648457190
  • Hardback AU$100

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About The Author

Mentoring has been a major part of Ewen's life for the last two decades, having designed unique and intimate photography workshops since in 2005. The lessons and conversations from those journeys form the foundation for this book.


The podcast series based on the book. Each episode takes a single chapter and explores the idea from the perspective of two very different photographers.

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