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Nobody cares more about your experience than I do. For over a decade I've been designing ground-breaking tours and workshops. You want the best... and now you've found it.

Himalayan Highs

Every winter I head to the Himalayas for sunshine and inspiration. Have a look at what a week in the Annapurnas of Nepal looks like through the lens of the photographer.

Kenya Photographic Safari

A genuinely unique itinerary to some lesser known parts of Kenya,
with a touch of style and a tonne of wilderness.

October 2021

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Nepal Photography Tour

Gentle people. Powerful landscapes. Amazing photography.

November 2021

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Bhutan Photography Tour

Happiness and the Camera. Bespoke journey to Bhumthang and festivals.

December 2021

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Norway Aurorascapes

Intensive aurora chasing and slow shutter photography along the coastline of Arctic Norway

February 2022

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Australian Outback

Remarkable 14 day adventure across Australia by private plane.

May 2021 July 2022

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Check out the 4-day intensive workshops and online courses
planned for 2021 and beyond.

Workshop Program

"The experience is essential for your exposures. Travel and photography are about people and engaging with your subject. Slowly. Gently. It should never be rushed and should always be genuine."

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July 29 - Aug 2 Workshop: Change Your Photography Victorian Gold Fields
November 17 - December 1 Nepal Annapurnas 2 places left
December 3 - 18 Himalayan Bhutan
Feburary 7-20 Norway Aurorascapes Waitlist Only
May 20-23 Workshop: Food Photography
July 19 - August 1 Grand Outback Australia Waitlist Only
Aug 11 - 15 Workshop: Change Your Photography Portland Victoria
October 1 - 14 Kenya Safari Date TBC

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when they travel with us for a workshop or a tour.
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Kathmandu Valley

We start the Nepal Photography Tour in Kathmandu Valley, because it offers such richness of inspiration and wonderful opportunities to explore what "light" can teach us about photography.

Come Fly With Me

Take a look at the special week-long workshop we ran in 2017, a special event for photographers with a private plane to visit the Flinders Ranges, Uluru and The Kimberleys

Norway Off The Dial

The 2018 Arctic Norway Winterscapes Workshop was beyond all expectations with some incredible weather for the duration of the trip and some stunning Auroa Storms to make this workshop our best yet.

Photography Tours with Ewen

Ewen Bell

Leading and designing tours since 2005. Experience is everything.

Editorial photographer, journalist and author of the book "ReIMAGINE". Ewen has spent over a decade running photo tours and workshops in Australia, the Arctic and Asia. Ewen will share his knowledge on any aspect of photography you wish to explore, from careers to cameras to salted caramel macarons.

Photography Tours with Ewen

Bring Your Partner

We often get asked if it's OK to bring along a partner who doesn't want to photograph. If they're happy to be patient with your photography then we're happy to show them the pleasure of slow travel :)

What Roseanne Said

The World's Best Photo Tours

My goal is to give you the very best photography experience in the world. Here's how I do it.


Hand crafted experiences designed by an industry professional who understands photography, travel and learning.


Dedicated to working with local cultures and ensuring that our connections are beneficial for everyone.

Fully Included

From the moment you arrive we take care of absolutely everything. No surprises. No hidden extras.


Quietly spoken but generous in nature, Ewen gives his very best to the exclusive groups who join him.

Fabulous Food

The difference between a good trip and a great trip, is the food. It's key to the tour design, not an after thought.

Little Luxuries

These are once in a lifetime journeys so we pick great hotels and great lots of little extras. Just for you.