On demand photography advice from beginners to creative to advanced.

I started my YouTube journey in late 2023 as an extension of my blogging and mentoring. Not everyone can afford to join me on a photo tour, but thanks to YouTube and PeerTube I can share some inspiration and advice whenever and where ever you're ready for it.

Below is a selection of my videos. You can also jump directly to my channels on YouTube, or subscribe to an ad-free alternative on the Fediverse called PeerTube.

Ewen on YouTube

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Black & White
Learning to see the light by shooting monochrome.

Monks & Momos
Join me behind the scenes for a photo shoot with monks in Nepal.

Intentional Camera Movement
Creating layers of colour using ICM.

Make Your Choice
Photography as art and the path to creativity.

35mm Japan
Why 35mm is perfect for photography in Japan.

12MP Made Big
Printing your photos supersize with a minimum of pixels.

What To Pack
Packing list for your lenses in Arctic Norway.

Creative vs Techical
The first steps towards finding your creative path with the camera.


Aurora Basics
Getting started with capturing Auroras.

Light Beyond The Studio
Getting a handle on natural light vs studio rigs.

The 50mm Problem
Why every photographer needs this lens in their kit.

Manual vs Auto
Do you have to shoot manual to be a photographer?

Primes vs Zoom
When quality matters so does your choice of lens.

Threads of Light
ICM but this time with motion on motion.


Lumix S9
Small and smart and very very professional.

Sigma 14mm F1.4
Field review in Arctic Norway.

Lumix G9II
Custom settings to get your started with the Lumix G9II.

Sigma 60-600mm
Superb telephoto lens for full-frame mirrorless, on the road from Outback Australia.

Sony vs Lumix
Comparing the Sony ZV-E1 against the Lumix S5II for video.

50mm F1.2
Very very fast and very very nice.

S-E100 Macro
Remarkable AF performance on this new macro lens for L-mount.

Polar Night Aurora Workshop

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