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Ten Years of Testimonials

This page is where we store feedback and testimonials from over a decade of running photo tours across the world. I truly love receiving these testimonials from our travellers. I'm deeply grateful for the kind words and thoughtfulness of everyone who sends them in. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted my life when I think of how many people have enjoyed these adventures and have learned new ways to express themselves through the art of photography :)

"My wife and I are seasoned travelers throughout the world, but the recent Australian Outback photography tour with Ewen Bell was the best trip ever!"



Arctic Norway

Feedback from Liane K.
February 2024, Norway
2024 saw me return to Arctic Norway with Ewen and Shellie. I loved the prior trip in 2020 and so when a friend from that trip suggested we return, I jumped at the chance and I wasn’t disappointed. Even though Lady Aurora wasn’t on her best behaviour, peaking out from behind the clouds a little less frequently than we would have liked, and the weather was more cloudy than the previous trip, we had an amazing time. Ewen and Shellie are the consummate hosts and this year they were joined by the delightful Gunnar, a local guide, who drove us around and worked tirelessly with Ewen to figure out the best chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis and from where.

To put together nine travellers who generally don’t know each other and have a trip run as seamlessly as it did, is no mean feat. Every day is meticulously planned to give you the best locations to shoot and we take it slowly. If you want to jump off the bus, take the iconic Instagram shot and move on, then this trip isn’t for you. This trip is about exploring a location slowly, looking for what the light is doing, checking out the flora and sometimes the fauna, and maybe getting some advice from Ewen on all things camera and photography-related. Going slowly forces you to be present and notice things we often walk past. More than once we thought we had exhausted all that a location had to offer and then while walking back to the bus, someone would take a last look over their shoulder and find something no-one had spotted until then, a new angle or the sun beginning to emerge from behind the clouds, next thing we know everyone unpacks their cameras again and we spend another twenty minutes enjoying the moment.

Every person on the trip, whether an experienced photographer or a beginner gets the same patient attention from Ewen, and I for one learn something new from him on every trip. Learning by doing and having an experienced professional with you along the way who is willing to share their knowledge and experience, has taken my own photography to new levels.

Having done this trip before, I was concerned that we might cover the same ground and I would get bored, not so. Even though there were a few locations we had visited the last time, they felt new again, in part because the ever-changing weather patterns make a huge difference to a location, but also because there were new things to do, for example a trip up into the mountains to have lunch in the cabin owned by the people with whom we were staying. To sit quietly in that pristine environment where there was no sound, no crackling of leaves underfoot, no bird song or animals wandering by was peace at its best. Contrast that with the organised chaos of dog sledding and the exuberance of the dogs, or the effort required to find a track without falling over and sinking you and your camera into thigh-deep snow, and you get a sense of what this trip is like.

It is a pretty special trip when you have your own chef who travels with you! At the end of each day we gathered to experience the wonderful food prepared by Shellie (aka Iron Chef Shellie) and share stories with friends (old and new) of the day’s events before retiring, cameras set up ready, to hopefully wake later in the night to catch that ever-elusive Lady Aurora.

"It is a pretty special trip when you have your own chef who travels with you!"

Feedback from Tracey H.
February 2024, Norway
My time off is my most treasured resource. Entrusting that time to a tour leader hoping that they will manage the choice of locations, group personalities, meals, accommodation, crowds, the light and the weather in a manner that helps me just relax and feel immersed in my photography can actually be anxiety-inducing and/or lead to disappointment. At least that was my experience before I discovered Ewen's tours. In the competitive landscape of photography tours, Ewen is second to none. He is masterful at crafting unique and authentic experiences where chasing the light is always the priority. I have now had the pleasure to join him multiple times on both Australian and International tours: they have been the highlights of all my travels over the past decade. I have no hesitation in recommending his tours.


Feedback from Linda CC.
December 2023, Bhutan
After many postponements due to the Covid pandemic I finally got to experience Bhutan with Ewen Bell on his November 2023 Bhutan Tour. This had been a much-anticipated tour and one which my wife had taken great care in researching to find the ‘right’ tour for us. I wasn’t disappointed.

From start to finish it was clear that Ewen wanted us to experience the culture, the food, the people, the unique landscape and to send us home happy that we had captured some great images. We started with a coffee and a little presentation which was all about the light. I quickly learned that it’s about looking for the light and finding a subject that will exploit that light rather than looking for a subject alone.

He is clearly passionate about Bhutan and wants to share it with you in a more personal way. He has nurtured relationships in the country that allows him to take you to lesser frequented locations, having access to people and places that you wouldn’t normally expect as a tourist. The local people are so friendly – how amazing to walk into a barn and ‘converse’ with a group of workers on their break. We couldn’t speak the language, but a smile goes a long way!

Ewen’s photographic style was a little bit different to my own, shooting wide open much of the time and with predominantly wide-angle lenses and often shooting into the sun – an interestingly creative approach. The shallow depth of field, while not working for me in every instance, certainly gave me something to think about and I surprised myself with some half decent images. ‘Get in low and close’ became a bit of a mantra for me and by the end of the trip I felt I had learned so much that I wanted to repeat the whole trip again.

Ewen’s teaching style is gentle and very personal. You feel like he is there just for you, giving advice and guidance whenever you need it. Ewen approach is to take it slow and give you the opportunity to take images, make mistakes, reflect, and try again, something that is often missed on other workshops where you quickly move on.

I came away from this trip with a renewed interest in photography and have upgraded my camera and lenses based on his excellent advice and can’t wait to start using them. Maybe another Ewen Bell tour??


We started using Google Reviews after the Covid Pandemic. We like the idea of this system, but it only allows for one review per person... And many many of our travellers do more than one trip. So looks like we're doing both the traditional feedbacks and Google for now!


Arctic Norway

Feedback from Sharon S.
February 2020, Norway
I had enviously watched Ewen’s instagram feed from the 2018 Norway workshop and knew I’d be signing up for the next one available - that scenery, those lights, the food! The 2020 trip did not disappoint. If you read other testimonials on Ewen’s photography workshops you’ll notice people often say he works hard to get you the best photographic opportunities, with the best light, and the fewest other people around. All of that was true in Norway in 2020.

Don’t sign up for this workshop expecting to be driven to all the usual tourist spots to take photographs regardless of what the light is like. Getting the best images possible is what this workshop is about. If you arrive somewhere and the light isn’t good, you’ll move on to somewhere equally stunning where the light is beautiful. If the day is miserable and there’s no light at all, expect to make good use of your time learning new processing techniques. If the northern lights start dancing at 2am, you may well get a knock on your cabin door to let you know. Ewen, Ian and Shellie were constantly working hard to adjust to the weather to make sure we had the best photographic opportunities - they had plans B, C and D ready to go in an instant (and probably others that we never knew about!).

The northern lights was the main drawcard for most of us. I’d heard stories of people heading to the arctic to see the lights and returning disappointed. We saw the northern lights on four nights, two of which were truly spectacular. There’s a healthy element of luck in this, for sure, but without the planning that went into this years ahead to make sure we were in the right places on the right nights, we may never have seen them.

There are two things I didn’t anticipate on this trip. The first is how much my photography would grow in the space of two weeks. In addition to being a wonderful holiday, I learned loads of new skills including using ND filters, photographing the night sky and auroras, stitching together panoramas and making time-lapse videos. Ewen and Ian are generous with their knowledge and they are patient and gentle teachers. At night we would often look through photographs they had taken during the day, with Ewen or Ian explaining why they’d made particular photographic choices and how and why they’d processed the images.

The second thing I didn’t anticipate is how excellent it is to have Shellie Froidevaux as part of this team. Not only is she a lovely person to travel with, but the food she prepares is amazing, and was a key part of making this trip feel like a luxurious experience. Shellie makes a point of using local produce to cook local dishes and I can promise you it will be delicious!

Run, don’t walk, to sign up for the next arctic Norway workshop with Ewen Bell.

"I will never forget standing under the star-filled night sky with curtains of green and pink cascading down upon us and all around us."

Feedback from Fiona H.
February 2020, Norway
In February of 2020, I joined Ewen Bell for his Winterscapes photographic tour of Arctic Norway. I had not previously done a workshop or trip with Ewen but I was impressed with his website and the many wonderful testimonials there. I also valued the detailed information in the overview of his tours and had the feeling that he was someone who cared about his clients and the quality of the photographic and travel experiences he was offering. Thus began a series of many emails over many months as I began to put together the pieces of this very special trip. To finally meet Ewen and the rest of our group in Tromsø, Northern Norway, was so exciting!

I had long wished to see the Aurora Borealis, a life-long dream really, and I knew that there was no guarantee. However, I decided that if I was to have the best possible chance, Ewen was the guy I wanted to travel with and Arctic Norway was the place! Over our many communications, I so appreciated the incredible attention to detail that Ewen provided. The camera equipment and clothing required for such a trip, in the depths of the Norwegian Winter, were important to get right and Ewen’s thoroughness in preparation and his desire to ensure that everyone on his trip was ready in every respect for the conditions that would await us were so appreciated. I followed just about every recommendation that Ewen offered and I have to say that I was so very grateful that I did.

Not only did we have the opportunity to see and experience the Aurora Borealis in all her glory but we were also able to photograph this most extraordinary event. I will never forget standing under the star-filled night sky with curtains of green and pink cascading down upon us and all around us. What I wasn’t really prepared for was the silence. This magnificent light show takes place in complete silence. Incredible!

Ewen’s attention to detail continued throughout the entire trip. He was always looking for stunning photographic locations, always on the lookout for something different, and always thinking ahead as to how to make the trip extra-special for us. Ian Rolfe, our tour co-leader, was so helpful and encouraging, and Shellie Froidevaux, our exceptional chef for this incredible trip, always ensured that we were well-fed with the most delicious food. This team of three awesome individuals guaranteed we were looked after in every respect. Our various accommodations were perfect, often in the most beautiful of locations and often right beside a majestic fjord, and there’s no doubt that Ewen and Ian’s extensive knowledge of Arctic Norway, geographical as well as photographic, meant that we always found the best locations at the best time! Ian’s willingness to forge a way through deep, deep snow allowed us to access spectacular settings which otherwise would have been impossible to reach.

The opportunity to learn new photographic techniques and to tap into the expertise of both Ewen and Ian was wonderful and I came away with additional skills and some photographs that I’m thrilled with. We participated in valuable learning tutorials when possible and Ewen and Ian were so very generous with sharing their knowledge along with their amazing photographs. It was an inspiration for us all.

I can’t thank Ewen, Ian and Shellie enough for the unforgettable experience that they gave me. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to join them again for another different experience in the future. However, for now, this trip has given me memories to last a lifetime!



Feedback from Adrian and & Jenny
November 2019, Nepal
Jenny & I were fortunate enough to join Ewen’s 2019 tour to Nepal. It was a wonderful experience on so many levels. For the photographers, Ewen got us to amazing locations at the right times to capture a superb array of stunning shots. Whether it was an abandoned monastery, an out of the way mountain village or simply an interesting alleyway, we would never have found these places without him. Whilst on location, he knew when to advise and when to let us do our own thing and always encouraged us to go beyond what we thought we could do. Ewen was very generous with his advice when it came to editing our shots and we’re delighted with the photos we’ve brought back with us as memories of this special time.

For the non-photographers, Jenny isn’t a photographer so please be encouraged. She came along because she wanted to experience village life in Nepal; to see how people live more simply. The places we visited on Ewen’s tour were a perfect way to experience a different way of living and we left with long lasting impressions of so many admirable people living in relative harmony with their environment. As an absolute bonus, Ewen’s respectful approach to photography and genuine engagement with his subjects opened Jenny’s eyes to the power of photography to create heartfelt connections with total strangers. Jenny very much enjoyed her experiences with the camera as a result and now has a new hobby!

For the foodies, every day was an experience of its own. Tasty, healthy, seasonal food was in abundance in the villages we visited whilst Kathmandu and Bhaktapur allowed for indulgences like Juju Dhau (a sweet curd). We always looked forward the next meal in the knowledge that a surprise awaited us.

The trip was everything an excellent photography tour to an interesting country should be. However, in the end, it was Ewen’s personal ethics that were the standout for us. Ewen chose to proceed with the tour despite unusually small numbers so that his guides in Nepal were assured of work for this part of the season. Wherever we went, Ewen made an effort to discover new and better places to eat or stay and was always looking for new locations and new angles so that the next tour group would have an even better experience. His social conscience and personal work ethic made it a privilege to be a part of his tour.

Thanks for a wonderful experience Ewen; we hope to see you again.

Feedback from Timothy M.
November 2019, Nepal
I have recently returned from Ewen Bell’s Nepal trip 2019. I have written to him personally to thank him, so I address this to those who are tempted to go with Ewen to Nepal on a future trip. Since retiring ten years ago I have been busy visiting and photographing all those places that I have fascinated me during my life. Nepal with it’s climbing and trekking was out of the question till I read Ewen’s “no trekking” promotional material, although Ewen, those 2k walks seemed like trekking to me!

Before leaving, a couple of times Ewen mentioned wanting to support his team in Nepal. I now understand. The respectful relationship they have for each other is something to behold. They assist and smooth over any unforeseen problems in a trice. I thank and congratulate them for making the trip so enjoyable and trouble free.

The rugged stark scenery brings to life what you have read of tectonic plates colliding. The pushing up of mountain chains and then the subsequent erosion by wind and water. But to be able to see it there before your eyes, is a tremendous thrill.

The scenes of mountains and valleys, the villages, the people, the food, the mountain roads and the transport, all tinged with a little daring-do, are unique and honestly too good to be missed. Not to mention the thousands of beautiful photos to sort through on returning home that will keep this trip fresh in your mind for way into the future!

Ewen Bell’s Nepal Photography Tour - Don’t miss it! BTW do not under any circumstances buy a new puffer jacket prior to going. You are warned!

"The scenes of mountains and valleys, the villages, the people, the food, the mountain roads and the transport, all tinged with a little daring-do, are unique and honestly too good to be missed."

Feedback from Lauren S.
December 2019, Bhutan
Bhutan was the third photography tour I’ve been lucky enough to do with Ewen. As I expected, this trip was amazing, a truly wonderful experience I know I will never forget. Ewen carefully organises his tours to be at the perfect pace – even though we were “chasing the light”, nothing was ever rushed. We could slow down, study the light and truly enjoy practicing the art of photography.

Of course, the trip was photography focussed but it truly was so much more. We had plenty of time to learn about the culture and history of Bhutan, have a cup of tea with friendly locals, taste the traditional food and enjoy the stunning Himalayan scenery.

Even though I work as a photographer, I know I’ll never stop learning. And I always learn a lot from Ewen, who very generously shares his knowledge and passion. One lesson I took home from Bhutan was the art of patience – waiting for that moment, that light, that look. Ewen also really encouraged me to shoot with different lenses than I’m used to and to be bolder with my processing techniques. Ewen was also always available for review and critique of my images, which was really helpful.

The Bhutanese guides and drivers for the tour were simply lovely. Accommodation was always delightful and run by friendly staff. At the end of a day of shooting, it was especially lovey to relax by a warm wood stove in my room.

Attending three days of local festivals, around which the itinerary was carefully planned, was definitely a highlight. Held at off-the-beaten-track Buddhist temples, and nearly devoid of other tourists, being immersed in these local events was truly special. Seeing the monks dancing in their wooden masks and colourful costumes until the sun went down, the music and the singing, the friendly locals in their Sunday best sharing their picnics, the kids playing and running around, all of it – simply a privilege to witness and to be amongst.

Thank you Ewen from the bottom of my heart for sharing beautiful Bhutan and your photography knowledge with me. I can’t see myself ever wanting to travel with any other photographer.

Feedback from Lukas and Patricia L.
December 2019, Bhutan
My wife and I had the privilege of joining Ewen on three of his tours over a ten year timeframe. Each tour was different and each one was simply great. Ewen has his very own philosophy about approaching his subjects, yet is a very humble and kind teacher. He inspires you without pressuring you into a scheme and ultimately brings out the best in you. The group size is perfect and you always make friends on the way who share the same hobby and enthusiasm for foreign cultures. Besides learning how to improve your photographic skills, Ewen will get you to appreciate the local customs and cuisine, teaching you a lot about the places you get to visit and meeting kind and interesting people.

I wouldn’t want to miss a single one of our trips and hope there will be more in the future.


Feedback from Marty B.
June 2019, Australian Outback
Since I had experienced a wonderful trip with Ewen to Nepal, I so jumped at the chance to travel with him to the Australian Outback. This trip was a dream with our own 10 seater jet and pilot to travel the long distances required to visit Outback sites from Melbourne in the south of Australia to Darwin in the north. Not only was travel easy, but the places we stayed were comfortable, unique places with character and friendly owners. The food was excellent and the wine from small local wineries outstanding. The unusual and varied landscapes from the Bungle Bungles to Uluru to the billabongs in Arnhem Land made for excellent photography and I especially enjoyed shooting from the two helicopter rides included in the trip. I learned much from Ewen and found his knowledge of night photography and ornithology particularly helpful.

Arctic Sweden

Feedback from Jules B.
February 2019, Arctic Sweden
I seriously loved this trip for so many reasons. The opportunity to photograph different landscapes, the teaching and learning, the adventures, the variety of locations, the other mad photographers who are happy to get up at all hours and venture out to get THAT shot. Everything is planned with precision, but it feels relaxed. Plus did I mention the food? Amazing!

We were super lucky to see and photograph the northern lights on most nights. We met some local Sami and got up close with reindeer, frozen lakes, huskies, ice and snowmobiles, plus enjoyed a few days glamping. The frozen north was something special.

To have teachers of Ewen and Ian's calibre was terrific - their patience and guidance gave me a new appreciation for the possibilities of landscape photography. Most of all, we had a lot of laughs, shared nature's moments and experienced the joy of learning and doing something new.

This was everything I love about the trips Ewen offers - unique, personal and lots of fun.

Feedback from Gillian B.
February 2019, Arctic Sweden
This Swedish Arctic trip was stunning. Extremes of light, landscape and temperature combined into unimagined photographic experience. Yes, the conditions were at times challenging. But the planning, organisation and sheer commonsense of Ewen and Ian meant that I did not have a single moment of doubt or worry. Things were taken care of - that included: the photographers, the equipment, food, transport, lodgings. Always there was helpful photography advice on hand, creative or technical as needed. These were authentic experiences which I doubt many others itineraries include - such as meeting - and talking at length with the Sami reindeer herder, who cooked us lunch in her lavvo - and introduced us to her reindeer; meeting and photographing the husky dog sled team; riding the snow mobiles out onto the Baltic Sea. It’s great photography with real adventures, real people and fun.

Feedback from Frank & Fiona P.
February 2019, Arctic Sweden
“People say that the Sami have more than two hundred words for snow, but what they actually have are two hundred words describing the quality and condition of the snow – it’s soul.” ( Håkan Stenlund)

After spending two extraordinary weeks touring one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on Earth with Ewen and Ian, we too, had more words than we thought possible to describe our experiences. This place truly touches your soul.

However there are not enough words to adequately describe what you will see and what you will feel as you stand on a frozen lake looking up at Nature’s spectacular Aurora light show. Or ride a snowmobile across a pristine winter wonderland. Or watch an exotic firedancer perform in a snowy pine glade. Or listen with your eyes closed as a traditional Sami song is sung acappella to you. Your soul will simply be changed forever.

This workshop will definitely provide you with knowledgeable guidance, insightful advice and inspired creativity in your photographic skills. But it is more than just about you and your camera. So much more. You will, of course, visit remarkable, stunningly awe-inspiring, mouth-droppingly incredible places. But you will also learn about a fascinating culture, eat mouth-watering cuisine and enjoy sharing these experiences with a like-minded small group. Most importantly you will return to your everyday life with not only stunning photographs but also mind-blowing memories of a trip of a lifetime.

Be prepared to change your soul for the better.



Feedback from Rod and Jenny S.
December 2018, Bhutan
We joined the December 2018 Bhutan trip to see a different part of the world and to explore seeing it differently with a travel photographer. Everything outlined on Ewen's webpages is true - not only did we meet a genuine and caring person, passionate about Bhutan and its people and culture, but an incredibly supportive photographic guide and tour leader. Ewen and the team took care of everything for us, and when something needed to be done, it just happened. Our small group of nine consisted of very competent and experienced photographers and then ourselves - I was a complete novice and Jenny as an advanced beginner. We both learnt so much about the art of photography but more importantly to go slow, to let the light in to look differently at the world as we pass through it - whether at a festival, walking the streets, looking at a building, shooting landscapes or snapping birdlife. We both returned with new eyes to see the world anew. A fabulous learning experience. Thank you for opening our eyes.

Feedback from Alastair and Helen F.
December 2018, Bhutan
Last year we fulfilled a long held ambition of visiting Bhutan. We always like to travel with “knowledge” and when the opportunity arose to go there with someone with as much experience as Ewen Bell we jumped at the chance. The experience became even more interesting when it was joined by Anthony McKee (a Melbourne documentary style photographer). We experienced some of the must see tourist destinations but what made this trip so special was the opportunity to get to the lesser known areas and festivals. Though there were other visitors we were clearly in the minority and therefore felt as if we were part of a genuine Bhutanese experience. Ewen’s knowledge and experience also meant we travelled with the best of local guides — a team I would happily entrust for any future visit to this special country. Organization, photographic opportunities and guidance were all first rate.

Feedback from Marty B.
November 2018, Nepal
This was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every day with the combination of scenery, people and Nepalese customs. Ewen and Ian were both very generous with their time and contributed different perspectives on shooting and editing my photos. Ewen directed his attention to people and pastoral landscapes while Ian liked dramatic, colorful landscapes. I learned a lot while thoroughly enjoying the experience. Another plus was that both Ewen and Ian liked good food so they would call ahead to the next village stop to make sure lunch or dinner would be ready and would feature local ingredients. I also enjoyed the combination of short treks and driving between villages. I am now signed up for Ewen’s Australia trip!

Feedback from Sue and Steve S.
November 2018, Nepal
In November 2018 my husband and I had the pleasure of joining Ewen Bell on his photography tour through Nepal. It was a fabulous experience where Ewen and fellow photographer Ian Rolfe shared their knowledge and passion for photography. At the beginning of the trip it was evident that we were “out of our league” however Ewen and Ian were patient and generous with their knowledge and time. The group was very small and diverse and everyone enjoyed each others company. Ewen has a fantastic team who work for him in Nepal and it is evident he has worked for years to build up excellent relationships with these people and treats them with the utmost respect. He has a designed a great itinerary and always has a backup plan if the weather changes or flights are cancelled. Ewen is obviously a foodie and exposed us to some exciting eating opportunities.Whilst Ewen and Ian have very different styles of photography they complement each other and have a mutual respect for each others talent. Ewen is respectful while he travels and is aware of his impact on the landscape and the people. I would highly recommend anyone doing one of his tours!

"Thanks seems inadequate but it is heartfelt Ewen and Ian. I’m sure this will not be our last trip together."


Feedback from Kevin and Sue C.
July 2018, Uluru Masterclass
Our recent Uluru Masterclass with Ewen and Ian Rolfe was an experience Sue and I will never forget. Although we run our own commercial photography business I am the first to admit I don't think I am even close to knowing everything about photography. My "daily grind" is perhaps shooting inspiring architecture or innovative products, perhaps something industrial or corporate but I don't normally do star shoots or landscape so this year we decided to combine a “bucket list” destination with a masterclass photography tour based in Uluru. It was fantastic!

Being based in one place gave us the chance to unpack and concentrate on our photography – even if our room did look like a bomb site with gear spread everywhere! Ewen really “knows his stuff” because the accommodation, meals and transport were first class. Our small group of fellow photographers were lovely so all our “down time” was spent sharing fine food, fine wine and excellent conversation thanks largely to Ewen's forethought and planning. One of the many highlights was a night under the stars sharing a picnic dinner and doing star trails over Uluru – you cannot imagine how wonderful it is to sit in the quiet of the heart of the country and listen to your camera click every 30 seconds or so!

As others have mentioned, Ewen and Ian have very different photographic styles, both in terms of capture and post production but they were a great combination and gave us so much to work with in terms of our own photography - I know Sue felt her head was bursting with new ideas at times! Although our photography locations were strictly limited by park regulations, Ewen again put a lot of thought into using this to our advantage. Visiting “sunrise” locations at sunset for example meant no crowds and a different perspective – pretty smart eh?

Sunrises, sunsets, magnificent helicopter experiences and so much more! We are still processing our images and our thoughts but we don’t need any time at all to recommend this tour to anyone who loves photography and wants to truly experience outback Australia.

Thanks seems inadequate but it is heartfelt Ewen and Ian. I’m sure this will not be our last trip together.

Feedback from Lou G.
July 2018, Uluru Masterclass
If you want to be immersed in photographing an iconic Australian location over 5 days from one base, with a small group of keen photographers guided by two talented instructing photographers, this is the trip for you. With their guidance on technical aspects, I captured sunrises, sunsets, star trails, the Milky Way, the flora, aerials from a helicopter and abstracts of textures and colours up close.

The locations and timings carefully chosen each day by Ewen and Ian for our outings rewarded us with opportunities to shoot in wonderful light, away from crowds.

Other aspects of the workshop such as accommodation, transport and food were top notch. With some early starts and shooting into the night, down time was thoughtfully considered. It was a very special and worthwhile experience.

Feedback from Danni G.
July 2018, Uluru Masterclass
I have always wanted to visit the red centre. So when I saw the Uluru Masterclass it combined where I wanted to go and to photograph a beautiful location. A busy 5 days and spectacular landscapes with sunrises, sunsets and even a helicopter flight. A great trip. Tips from both Ian and Ewen give you the best from your photography with different points of view. Through their knowledge and expertise we were able to be at the best spots at the right time.

The number of shoots and experiences that were packed into workshop was fantastic. I even learned a few extra settings on my camera to get the best from difficult hand held situations. The accommodation and food were excellent, a great location to stay. Our group was really lovely throughout the trip from different areas and different levels of expertise. It was good to see how others on the trip interpret each location through their photography. A trip well worth it. I would thoroughly recommend it."

"My wife and I are seasoned travelers throughout the world, but the recent Australian Outback photography tour with Ewen Bell was the best trip ever!"

Feedback from Gerrit B
June 2018, Grand Outback Photography Tour
My wife and I are seasoned travelers throughout the world, but the recent Australian Outback photography tour with Ewen Bell was the best trip ever!

We had a wonderful time and as a hobby photographer I learned a ton of camera things and particularly post processing of images with software from him. I bought the software he recommended - he opened up my eyes on that front. The trip visited incredible private places only reachable with private plane without travelling days of backbreaking roads. The places had abundant wildlife/flora and scenery and gourmet quality food and very comfortable accommodations along the way at all stops. Ewen planned and executed the trip wonderfully, having the small group of 8 of us in the right position at the right time of day for optimum lighting. The 2 weeks in the Outback were special and we will always cherish them and consider Ewen and our travel companions new friends and consider Ewen an all around great guy. Best travel experience ever! We highly recommend any trip that Ewen is involved in! We hope to travel to Africa with him in a couple years.

Gerrit Buchheim Kihei (HI) USA - Would be glad to answer any questions at gerrit.buchheim@gmail.com.

Thanks Ewen!

Feedback from Tracey H
June 2018, Grand Outback Photography Tour
Fourteen days of photographic bliss! I enjoyed myself so much on the Grand Outback Photography Tour I quickly signed up for another trip with Ewen. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his tours to anyone who craves quality time in nature with their camera.

I've been planning and doing my own solo photography-centric trips in Australia and around the world for a few years, but recently I've been seeking out tours with other photographers that can take me places I would have trouble accessing alone. That's how I found the Australian Outback Adventure with Ewen: a small plane flying from one remote wonder to the next. Sounded ideal in the online brochure. I was a little hesitant when I committed to the tour, but I needn't have been, it surpassed every expectation I had.

Ewen's attention to creating memorable experiences for us really set this tour apart. We were going to some iconic locations, it would be easy for a tour leader to just focus on helping people with composition and camera settings at the "usual" vantage points at times of the best light. But Ewen went well beyond that: he kept us away from the crowds; ensured we were primed for each location before arriving; encouraged flexibility in our approach to the subjects; arranged unique opportunities such as sunrise helicopter flights, afterhours access to Uluru, and Boab trees by campfire light; inspired respect for our surrounds; and reminded us to slow down and take in the small details as well. I lost count of the times where I found myself completely lost in the flow of the moment as a result of Ewen's planning and attention to detail.

In addition to the photographic experiences though, he was an active and engaging host who with his humour, patience and empathy brought the group together to become friends. We shared in-jokes and savoured our very enjoyable meals together. The resultant harmony of the group certainly enhanced the tour.

And so I noticed that each night as I was drifting to sleep, I was reflecting on how amazing it was to have been in that spot at that moment enchanted by what I experiencing. Not once, but repeatedly. Every day offered yet another piece of magic. And that is why I'm signing up for more.

Thanks Ewen!

"Not once, but repeatedly. Every day offered yet another piece of magic. And that is why I'm signing up for more."

Feedback from Liane K.
June 2018, Grand Outback Photography Tour
"The Australian Outback photography tour with Ewen was the first photography tour I have been on, in fact it is the first tour of any kind that I have been on. So it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I joined the group. I shouldn’t have been concerned; the tour exceeded all my expectations.

The people in the group were lovely, as were those we met along the way. Going from place to place in our own plane was a wonderful luxury that allowed us to cover the massive distances without much down time and got us into places many others will never see as we made our way northwards through the middle of Australia. The accommodation was great and, with the exception of our time at Uluru, in small places (i.e. not many others around) and sometimes we ate with the owners. To my delight, I found out that Ewen shares a similar passion for great food and that was reflected in where we stayed, which was a wonderful bonus.

But the 'main course' was the photography. I learned SO MUCH about my camera and about taking photos and Ewen was endlessly patient with my questions, some of which were pretty basic! He made time for everyone and there wasn't much he didn't know about any of the camera systems we were each using. He walked us through the techniques we would need for each day, including showing us images that he had taken on previous trips - a very high bar indeed! All photographers have their signature style and Ewen’s is reflected in the images on his website. I love his style, but even if your style is different, there is still much to learn.

The other special feature of this tour was that Ewen made sure that we were pretty much always where 'the other people' weren't, even in Uluru, where we found ourselves shooting sunrises and stars on our own. The vast Australian landscape with its contrasts and extraordinary flora and fauna was the perfect canvass for a wonderful trip.

It was great to 'get off the grid' for two weeks and indulge a passion with a wonderful tutor and lovely human being. In fact it was quite jarring to re-engage with the people and the business of our connected world at the end, but as I process the images (the many thousands of them!!), each brings back lovely memories.

If you are contemplating your first tour with Ewen, you might be like me - wondering 'should I?' My advice is just push the 'submit' button - you won't regret it. I have already signed up for my next one."


Feedback from Lori D.
Feb 2018, Norway Winterscapes
"On my flight home from the Arctic Norway trip I couldn't stop thinking about what an amazing trip I'd just experienced. I fully believe every photographer must see this amazing place and they should experience it with Ewen, Ian and Shellie. Everything about this trip exceeds expectations. The cabin accommodations that are chosen for this trip are well thought out and are fantastic in their locations - you can simply walk outside and start photographing the Aurora from your deck or within a short walk away.

The food that Shellie cooked for all of us was off the charts - AMAZING!! As an added bonus Shellie would provide hot chocolate and cake for our Aurora outings to keep us warm and satisfied while we waited for the Nordlys to dance!

Ewen and Ian are very knowledgeable about this area of the Arctic so we had incredible locations to photograph depending on what the light was doing. They are amazing teachers and really want to further your photographic skills. I really appreciated their patience with me and all my questions. I go on these types of trips to improve my photography and I got exactly that and more! Thank you guys for another wonderful trip, I hope to see you again very soon!"

"I fully believe every photographer must see this amazing place and they should experience it with Ewen, Ian and Shellie. Everything about this trip exceeds expectations."

Feedback from Levin B.
Feb 2018, Norway Winterscapes
" Norway is without a doubt the most spectacularly beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Until now, New Zealand and Austria were the top of my list but Norway easily exceeded both of those. Part of what made it great was the extremely well organised and expertly delivered tour that Ewen, Ian and Shellie ran.

From a logistical point of view, the travel, accommodation and locations were superb. With only 8 of us split into 2 vans, travel was comfortable and easy with plenty of room for the plenty of gear I brought with me. Locations were absolutely breathtaking and you could literally walk out the door onto the deck or look out your window for some of the most spectacular photos you would ever take in your life. The system of basing ourselves in a location for a few days and doing little day trips out to great locations was really good and far less tiring than it could have been. It gave us the opportunity to get the feel of and see the most awesome sights of an area before we moved onto the next most awesome location. The mix of Shellies cooking and restaurants at different locations was excellent and created great camaraderie amongst our little group.

Photographically, Ewen and Ian have very different styles of photography. Many times we would stop at a location and Ewen would walk one way and Ian the other. But this was great because over the 2 weeks you could learn from each of them and their completely different styles. Alternatively, many times I would walk off in my own direction, sometimes it paid off and sometimes I missed a great shot that the others had taken. Either way, Ewen and Ian gave full support and feedback and I learnt a lot about composition. We were also lucky enough to have the best weather in a 100 years with night after night of Aurora so I need to thank Ewen for organising that as well :) The places Ewen took us to were unique gems tucked away in some unknown areas and almost without exception, we were the only people or photographers there. It only got a little crowded for the last few days at the extremely popular Reine and Hamnoy where he even organised a catch up with Ray Martin.

If you are thinking of this tour, don't even hesitate. My little bit of advice to you however is, don't go there to learn how to use your camera as some others did. Learn how to use your camera, remotes, intervalometers and other equipment extremely well BEFORE you go. Get familiar with your gear to the point where you can operate it in the dark without a torch and with gloves. Learn star photography and long exposure BEFORE you go otherwise you will miss the great opportunities that come your way while struggling with your gear and mounting frustration. Also, don't underestimate your own clothing requirements to stay out in minus 18 temperatures. You don't have to go overboard, but you certainly need to prepare and give it thought - particularly with gloves and footwear.

Overall, Norway and this tour was a major highlight in my life and certainly the biggest highlight in my photography. "



Feedback from Melissa & Trent L
Nov 2017, Bhutan Photography Tour
"It's hard to express how grateful we are for the care in planning and guidance Ewen gave on our trip to Bhutan. At every turn he anticipated our needs, executed our desires and delivered beyond our expectations. Ewen goes where everyone else doesn't, allowing us to get a closer view and a deeper understanding of the people and the culture. He takes time to make sure everyone can achieve amazing results with the light no matter what equipment they bring. The hands on, personalized lessons gave both of us great new insights into what's possible for our travel photography.

Above all, Ewen is the kind of person you would invite into your own home to share a great meal. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable and always wears a great smile. It's no wonder so many on our tour were repeat clients. We're looking forward to our next "follow the light" adventure with Ewen."

"He is kind, patient, knowledgeable and always wears a great smile. It's no wonder so many on our tour were repeat clients."

Feedback from John S
Nov 2017, Bhutan Photography Tour
"This was my second photo tour with Ewen. I had always wanted to visit Bhutan and based on my previous experience with Ewen, this tour offered the perfect opportunity to do so. As expected, the tour was well organized and well-staffed by his in-country experts. With Ewen’s extensive experience traveling in Bhutan, he is able to blend traditional photo opportunities, such as at festivals and dzongs, with ones off the beaten path to hidden gems, such as lunch in a Bhutanese farmhouse or a morning climb to a monastery overlooking the Punakha Valley.

With respect to Ewen himself, I can only echo the comments expressed by Melissa, Trent, and Sharon, who were on this tour and by Patrick and Joyce who were previous tours and who were with me on Ewen’s Nepal tour. I cannot agree with them more; their sentiments are spot on. With respect to logistics, Ewen always finds comfortable accommodations and importantly does not skimp on transport. The bus he charters for this tour had ample room for all of us (8 + Ewen + his guide Rinzi) and our luggage. Both the accommodations and transport he chose went a long way to making the tour even more enjoyable.

For myself, I came home with some great images, which only heightened my desire to return to Bhutan with Ewen in the future."

Feedback from Sharon S
Nov 2017, Bhutan Photography Tour
"The trip Ewen led to Bhutan in November 2017 turned out to be the perfect antidote to a healthy dose of burnout from work and life in general. I'd lost my photography mojo and hadn't picked up a camera in months; happily, the trip revitalised my interest in both photography and travel.

The team Ewen works with in Bhutan is fabulous, and I can't speak highly enough of them. Ewen himself is the perfect leader for a photography workshop. Not only does he plan the trip itself meticulously, but he has travelled so often in Bhutan that he gets you off the beaten track to find quiet gems of places where other tourists are few and far between. Ewen is extremely generous with his knowledge and love of photography. He has a quiet, gentle way of teaching people that is really lovely, and perfect for when he is dealing with a group of introvert photographers. I highly recommend travelling with him, particularly if it's to Bhutan."

Feedback from Charles C
Nov 2017, Bhutan Photography Tour
"My November 2017 trip to Bhutan met all my expectations. The people of Bhutan are willing photographic subjects. I do not recall anyone saying "no photo" during the two-week visit, except for the king, who attended one of the festivals we observed. Ewen is a very fine photographer, personable and easy to get along with, and eager to share his knowledge and skills with his participants. While walking with him he would often point out his approach to subjects, and suggest ways of getting the best results. He was generous with his time, always happy to respond to photographic questions of any kind. Logistically, Ewen maintains high standards. The tour was well-managed and ran smoothly.

Having led tours to Bhutan for many years, Ewen has developed excellent contacts and knows all the ropes. Hotels were very good, not five-star luxury (though the last one probably was), but very fine, comfortable and clean. Lunches were usually in local restaurants along the way, eating Bhutanese food. Nobody got sick. The trip was so enjoyable I will be looking for other destinations to visit under Ewen's care."

"I have traveled on many photography orientated trips and there is no doubt that Ewen's trips rank among the very best of them!"

Feedback from Marcy B
Nov 2017, Bhutan Photography Tour
"I have now been on three trips with Ewen Bell. Ewen never disappoints with his trips! He carefully selects his trip locations with particular attention not only to the location but opportunities for optimal lighting and atmosphere. He builds flexibility into his trips so there is always the opportunity to take advantage of the unexpected and enjoy those spontaneous moments that can arise in a new location! Ewen is an extremely accomplished photographer and in particular his use of light is highly effective in creating stunning images.

He is a generous teacher who readily shares his skills and knowledge with his clients and helps them elevate the quality of their craft. He has a tremendous talent for assembling support teams that know the country and work with Ewen to create authentic, special experiences that bring you into close contact with the spirit of the place being visited. I have traveled on many photography orientated trips and there is no doubt that Ewen's trips rank among the very best of them!"


Feedback from Lori D
Oct 2017, Kenya Wildlife Safari
THIS is how you photograph Kenya. The camps, the safaris, the people...you can’t do better than this if you want to experience Kenya. Each Safari had something different or unique - different landscape, different animals, different camps...when you return home you truly feel like you have seen and photographed the best of Kenya...combine that with wonderful photographic guidance and leaders that truly care about your photo journey and you’ve got the perfect African Photo Safari. If I didn’t already have plans for Oct 2018 I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for this trip again.

"THIS is how you photograph Kenya. The camps, the safaris, the people...you can’t do better than this."

Feedback from Suzi S.
Oct 2017, Kenya Wildlife Safari
Where to start? An unforgettable experience in expert company! This was our first time travelling on a photography tour with Ewen and Fredrik and for us it was the ultimate combination of culture, photography and expanding the mind. Ewen and Fredrik guided us through both the landscape, the culture and how to develop better photographic skills. It was truly such a memorable journey; the conversations in the jeep, the food, the people we met. And always safely and gently guided by Ewen's and Fredrik's vast knowledge. Travelling in this constellation with two professional photographer opened up the possibility for us to develop creatively surrounded by breathtaking nature.

It was an absolute luxury to have access to Ewen's professional knowledge both during the game drives but also afterwards while giving feedback on our pictures. The small group size enabled Ewen to both instruct, help and coach in both a group setting as well as one-on-one.

Ewen made sure that we, not only got the good shots, but actually got the dream shots! His intuitive expertise guided us right and made it possible for us to come back home with some amazing photos. We checked one of the boxes on our bucket list with this trip and couldn't be happier.

Thanks you everyone who made this journey such an extraordinary experience and especially to Ewen and Fredrik.

Feedback from Robyn S.
Oct 2017, Kenya Wildlife Safari
My partner and I took up the opportunity to travel with Ewen through Kenya. I have traveled to many corners of our wonderful world, and am so pleased to have made this one of our destinations. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this country, its people and the variety of wildlife that we saw. This was a trip of a lifetime, made so much more pleasurable because of the well organized itinerary and wonderful accommodation that we stayed in.

The local drivers/guides knew their stuff. They managed many difficult driver moments with ease, had the knowledge to answer our many questions about the wildlife, the country we traveled, and the Kenyan people. As for the beautiful Kenyan people: wherever we were in Kenya, we experienced them as very friendly and welcoming, and having such a great sense of humor. I'm so pleased to have taken the opportunity. Thank you Ewen for putting together such a wonderful itinerary and all of your advice, enable us to make the most of our photographic opportunities.


Feedback from Linda H
Sept 2017, Ikara Flinders Ranges Workshop
I love that when I travel with you both I have to think of nothing other than turning up with my camera at the ready and an open mind! You both think of everything from where to stay, where and when to eat and most importantly the best locations for us to shoot. Thank you for the attention to detail you put into planning all your workshops and for having a Plan B when the weather doesn’t always fit with Plan A!

Thank you too for sharing your knowledge and passion for photography with us all. I love learning new techniques both for taking photos and for processing. Having two photographers each with their own distinct style certainly challenges me to try something different on each workshop I attend. I love how at the end of each day everyone comes away with a variety of shots and all very different unlike some workshops where everyone lines up to take essentially the same photograph. Travelling with you both in recent years has certainly improved my creativity and taught me to look beyond the big picture, for this I thank you. I even now enjoy shooting and processing panoramas! [although the technique is still a work in progress!].

The Flinders Ranges has long been a favourite region for me and it was a great pleasure to explore it with you both and capture the wonderful landscapes and soft light we experienced throughout the week. I now I have a set photographs which I am proud of and I will look back on in future and cherish the memory of the workshop and the experiences we shared.

"I now I have a set photographs which I am proud of and I will look back on in future and cherish the memory of the workshop."

Feedback from Helen G
Sept 2017, Ikara Flinders Ranges Workshop
"For some years the Flinders Ranges have been on my 'to visit' list. And what better way to visit than in the company of a group of like minded, enthusiastic photographers led by Ewen Bell and Ian Rolfe. Each in his own unique way a great photographer, each viewing the world through a quite different lens and each generously sharing his talents and skills with us all.

We seemed to squash a month's worth of experience into a week that just passed in a flash. I learned lots, met some wonderful people and visited some magical places - how lucky we are to live in such a dramatic yet delicate country - and how lucky to travel with two photographers who present us with each end of that spectrum."


Feedback from Paul S.
July 2017, Voyages Outback Photography Tour
"Simply Amazing... I signed up for this trip with Ewan to Outback Australia to reignite my passion for photography, which it achieved. But it did so much more. I made new friends, increased my photography skills, and got the chance to see some parts of this magnificent country from a new perspective.

Ewan not only helps you with your technical skills, he curates an experience where you are overwhelmed with opportunities to take amazing pictures. The number of shoots and experiences that Ewan packed into one week was breathtaking. We could opt in for as little or as much as we liked, and as I opted in for everything I ended up a little sleep deprived, but it was worth it. Beyond all this, Ewan encouraged me with his ability to see the world from a unique perspective. He inspires you to chase the light in new and bold ways.

If you have a interest in photography, want to see this magnificent country in a unique and amazing way, and need an adventure - sign up for the next Outback Photo Safari. Highly recommended!”

Feedback from Mark and Marie G.
July 2017, Voyages Outback Photography Tour
"If you have looked at Ewen's beautiful photographs then you already know that they need no endorsement from me, they speak eloquently for themselves. What I can share is my recent experience from Ewen's one week photography tour across the Australian outback.

Over seven days, Ewen's tour gave us the opportunity to visit and photograph some of the most iconic and beautiful sites of the Australian outback, with unprecedented access to the best photography locations and the chance to meet some of the people that help make them unique. I can't imagine that you would be able to experience this with anyone else - the trip was fantastic.

As important for me as a hobby photographer, was the chance over a week to watch, talk to and learn from a top-class, professional photographer as he worked through the process of making a photograph. From subject, light, composition and technique, through to technical aspects of our equipment and processing, Ewen was there to clearly and patiently explain and demonstrate, support and encourage as we took our photos. This was invaluable for me: it was particularly inspiring to see the photographs Ewen himself took at these locations while we were there with him and develop an understanding of the why, what and how of the finished photographs. We did an amazing amount in just a week but I know the things I learnt will last me the rest of my photography lifetime.

Ewen: Thank you.

Reader: If your thinking of taking a trip with Ewen, then stop thinking and just book it, you will not regret it. Instead you'll have some fantastic photographs and some amazing memories to treasure. Now, where's my camera!"

"We did an amazing amount in just a week but I know the things I learnt will last me the rest of my photography lifetime."

Feedback from Ian & Glenda W.
July 2017, Voyages Outback Photography Tour
Outback Australia has always been on our plans for a photography tour; the option to add the Kimberley region and some instruction from a professional photographer like Ewen Bell, was the absolute deciding factor. What an opportunity! So Glenda and I signed up and waited for the date to roll over in the calendar. Our travel companions were a great mix of people, it was fantastic to have such a terrific crew to spend a week with in the Outback.

Our “Outback Jet” was simply amazing, capable of taking off and landing almost anywhere. This aircraft travels at almost blistering speeds of around 550 kmph at anywhere up to 35,000 feet. No sitting around in the air like a flying "Kombi Wagon” - this is state of the art, get up and go jet prop at its very best!

The real benefit of having Ewen as your host goes far beyond photography itself. Ewen’s relationships with the people that you engage with at every stop is absolutely amazing. The quality of the outback characters, the staff who host your stays, the folk who attend the tables and look after your culinary delights, find you a coffee in a tin shed or indeed a decent wine in a desert setting - this really is an experience with a level of service that went way beyond our expectation.

I will not give away too much detail as this trip had so many wonderful “surprises” that you really have to experience for yourself. All we can add is that we enjoyed the whole experience, especially the people that we met along the way. Our photography has really gone to another level. Thanks to all the people who made this trip possible, our fellow travelers, Ewen and his incredible entourage of outback people.

Feedback from Peter & Jan G.
July 2017, Voyages Outback Photography Tour
We recently returned from a photo tour with Ewen. We are both in the very mature age group with limited computer skills and it was such a pleasure to have an instructor who was so precise in his instructions and willing to help when I forgot (often). I learned more from Ewan than from all the photo courses that have been attended over recent years Loved the philosophy and planning that went into each photo shoot . We have a great collection of photos that Jan can use for a series of paintings.

Great area of Australia, excellent choice of subject matter, marvellous tuition and a fabulous trip. Love to be able to do another.


Feedback from Deb W.
February 2017, Swedish Lapland Photography Tour
Having previously traveled with Ewen to South East Asia, I new I was in for a memorable experience. Swedish Lapland with Ewen and Aurora Safari Camp turned in to a trip of a lifetime. Wherever you looked the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful, riding a snowmobile over a frozen lake and through a birch forest was a thrilling adventure, meeting a Sami reindeer herder and having the most delicious Swedish meatballs for lunch made by his wife, indulging in Fika made by Shellie including homemade kanelbulle and hot chocolate are treasured moments you wouldn’t do without Ewen and his amazing team. And yes, we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights too.

Every day had a new WOW experience and Ewen, Fredrik and Ian were there to guide us on the best lens to use, follow the light and advise on how best to process the images to get the most out of them. I can’t wait for the next photographic workshop with Ewen and his team!

"Every day had a new WOW experience and Ewen, Fredrik and Ian were there to guide us."

Feedback from Lynne B.
February 2017, Swedish Lapland Photography Tour
I signed up for this tour because I fell in love with Ewen's images of Sweden. I wanted to have those experiences and take those photos. It was even better than pictured. The cold crunchy snow, the instruction, the other photographers, the starry and Aurora filled sky, the food, and the Swedish people were the highlights. I want to go back. Thanks Ewen, Shellie, Ian, and Fredrik for a wonderful trip.

Feedback from Tanya L.
January 2017, Laos Food & Photography
"It wasn't a hard decision to join Shellie and Ewen for the food photography in Laos and I am so grateful I did. From the initial booking process to my flight back home in Australia, it was all perfectly and thoughtfully organized. Shellie had every aspect of the Gourmet Tour covered with nothing to think about apart from packing our bags and cameras and embark on a trip of a lifetime.

Shellie teamed up with her partner Ewen Bell (who is an extraordinary photographer and has a deep and immense love for all things food, photography & life). Ewen was instrumental is engaging his knowledge of travel in the local area to allow us to engage with the locals and their community. No stone was left unturned when it came to immersing ourselves in Laos culture in Luang Prabang. Shellie made sure our days were jam-packed with all things food and photography.

I am so honored to have been part of such a wonderful workshop from two of the most humblest, kindest, caring and knowledge people I know. Do yourself a favour - this is a must 'to do' that should be on your bucket list."


Feedback from Kathryn M, Washington DC
December 2016, Bhutan Photography Tour
Ewen is a natural teacher. He wanted us to pay attention to the light so he took photos as demonstrations all the time. As a result we all came away with wonderful images of Bhutanese people with the light illuminating their faces. He was also very patient with the varying degrees of experience among the group; he worked with us one-on-one on both composition and post-processing.

Ewen loves Bhutan! Therefore it was more than a photo workshop--it was also a cultural experience that he wanted to share with us. He could explain the different purposes of the buildings in a dzong, the basic tenets of Bhutanese Buddhism, and the customs of the country. The trip resulted in beautiful images, to be sure, but also lot more.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Feedback from Patrick G, Austin TX
December 2016, Bhutan Photography Tour
Imagine a cultural tour where you have the opportunity to met with a reincarnated Buddhist Lama and hear his life story. Add a world class photography instructor who ensures you capture great images and you have a Ewen Bell Photography Tour. I recently returned from a Bhutan Tour with Ewen. His cultural knowledge and country contacts created many opportunities for us that many would envy. We had backstage access to festival dancers, invitations to tents at both festivals and the National Day celebration, and private meetings with not just one Lama but two Lamas. We visited small villages that seldom see tourist and we were invited into private residences. I came home with a deep respect for the Bhutanese culture and some great images.

"It becomes a personal journey where you begin to realize what your talents are."

Feedback from Khaki P, USA
October 2016, Nepal Photography Tour
I made the fortunate decision of choosing “eight is great” after researching what would be best for me. I am an amateur photographer who wants to travel and learn more about my developing passion.
Ewen and Ian realized that the smaller the group, the more they could accommodate our personal needs with one-on-one attention. The places they choose for their tours have been carefully scoped out and their intimate knowledge of the local environment is priceless. They are familiar with local custom and hire local guides to ensure our photo journey runs smoothly.
More importantly, the photography tour becomes a personal journey rather than a business arrangement. It becomes a personal journey where you begin to realize what your talents are. Having these excellent teachers there to inspire you to build on your goals makes the learning process enjoyable.
My journey with them to Nepal started with ambition and ended with inspiration to do more, to be better, to try new ideas, to explore other paths that aren’t always readily available. The new friendships were the icing on the cake. Of course, I have already booked my next trip!

Feedback from Richard C, UK
October 2016, Nepal Photography Tour
Travelling to Nepal with Ewen & Ian truly lived up to its billing as a travel photography adventure.

The itinerary took us from the colour and chaos of Kathmandu via the genteel charm Bhaktapur and Bandipur to the majestic Annapurna mountains providing us with a variety of people, places and landscapes to get the creative juices flowing.

Ewen is an inspirational teacher, he was always on hand to provide assistance or feedback whereever required. He also demonstrated techniques for shooting in a range of lighting situations to ensure we all developed our understanding of how to work with the light allowing us to come away with some memorable images. Ian was also very willing to pass on his wealth of experience of shooting landscapes (particularly panoramas which came in very handy in the Annapurnas).

Ewen’s passion for photography is matched by his respect and passion for the culture and the people of Nepal (and maybe a plate of momos). That affinity for the local people has helped Ewen build a strong local support team on the ground who were very friendly and worked hard to ensure our trip went as smoothly as the road conditions in Nepal will allow.

Anyone considering a photo journey to Nepal really need look no further.

"Ewen’s passion for photography is matched by his respect and passion for the culture and the people of Nepal"

Feedback from Tiffany C.
April 2016, Daylesford Food Photography Workshop
"The Daylesford Food Photography Workshop is by far the best gift I have ever given myself. I have always had a love of cooking and blogging but was lacking the skills, knowledge and confidence to really pursue it. Ewen and Shellie were extremely generous and welcoming, tailoring the teachings to our individual skill levels and allowing us to ask as many questions as we needed along the way.

The luxury homestead accommodation was beautiful, the food and wine decadent, and our small close group formed great friendships which still continue as we help each other on our individual journeys. Ewen and Shellie's industry knowledge, practical skill set and their down to earth attitude make them a true dream team. What I learnt on this workshop is completely invaluable and I am forever grateful to Ewen and Shellie for helping me turn what was just a passion, into a career."

Feedback from Greg E, Australia
February 2016, Norway Photography Tour
Norway 2016. Our previous visit to Norway with Ewen was in 2014 and what a great trip that was. At the time, we decided we wanted to go back again as we enjoyed it so much. The second visit confirmed our reasoning and even exceeded our expectations. Our journey started in Tromso, which was further north than our previous visit and the scenery was simply breathtaking.

The Aurora activity was our main interest, however the landscapes were even better than we remembered. I recall one day when the light just wasn't in our favour, however, Ewen spotted a break in the sky in the distance and the decision was made to head for it. Some 45 minutes of driving later we were shooting images in simply the best lighting conditions you could ask for. I recall the day quite vividly as one of those images rated a gold medal in an International Salon.

Its the local knowledge and the inherent feeling for the environment that Ewen has that makes all the difference on his workshops. Combine that with great food and accommodation and you couldn't ask for more.

Feedback from Gillian B, Australia
February 2016, Norway Photography Tour
I have travelled with Ewen twice now: first, to Myanmar at the beginning of 2014, then Norway in March 2016. Very different trips in many ways. I enjoyed both immensely. There is no doubt that when with Ewen the photographer, you just absorb knowledge. Lots of personal help as needed and an enthusiasm and love of the craft which are contagious.

I have been on a few other photography tours, and if I had to sum up the difference with Ewen’s style, it would be that it is a personal, individual approach, encouraging people to experiment, to explore and not just go for the standard ‘shot’. Then there is the superb organisation, and knowledge of the territory. The only thing left to chance is the weather and the light. If that gets difficult, Ewen will have already considered an alternative option. He’s pretty good dealing with groups of individualists too.

Ewen is also a lover of good food. Believe me you will eat local and eat well.

"Ewen is also a lover of good food. Believe me you will eat local and eat well."

Feedback from Lori D, USA
January 2016, Iceland Photography Tour
I had the extreme pleasure of accompanying Ewen, Ian and group to Iceland in Feb '16. Everything about this trip was amazing; the food, the company, the photography, the instruction, etc. I can honestly say I became a much better photographer during this trip because of the time and attention Ewen and Ian spent with me (and others) answering questions, helping with composition and allowing me to simply follow them as they went about their own photography so I could see their photographic process. The small group environment was great as it allowed all photographers great access to our leaders and it allowed everyone in the group to get to know one another as well. There was a lot of laughter and good times and I've already booked another tour in 2017!


Feedback from Linda H, Scotland
November 2015, Agrarian Food Photography Workshop
"The Hobart Food Photography Workshop was perfect from start to finish! It was organized with your usual efficiency and attention to detail from putting me in touch with another participant on the same flight to the recommendation of a suitable lens. The choice of accommodation and workshop venue were also superb. It was good to get back behind the camera and I loved using my new 50mm Art Series lens, thank you for the recommendation.

Ewen, you are always so generous with your time, help and advice on these workshops and I really appreciate you passing on your knowledge and passion for photography. It was wonderful to finally get f2 working for me, thank you so much for your endless patience! It was an interesting group with lots of enthusiasm for developing their skills and towards an end goal. This made a huge difference to the dynamic I feel and your attention to detail ensured that everyone got the help and advice they required to achieve that goal. I am not sure I know of any other photographer who takes the time to do just that. Shellie, I loved your cooking, your styling and your endless patience as we all took yet another shot of you working in the kitchen! You bring something very special to these workshops, thank you."

"If you don't come away a better photographer after spending time with them you never will."

Feedback from Bruce L, Australia
September 2015, Flinders Ranges Master Class
"What a fantastic week I had with Ian and Ewen observing and learning from such great photographers. When you become so relaxed with these notable and reputable guys and they feel like your friends, it means that they are doing a superb job. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and energy is infectious and if you don't come away a better photographer after spending time with them you never will. I can still hear Ian's "whoooooooo" echoing from the other side of a gully or hill when the light and views come together and can't help but smile. Ewen's grabbing me on a creek bed for a unique one on one session to share his special photography recipe will stay with me forever. These guys have a wealth of talent and their love of the craft and super organisation of their workshops will leave you inspired to want more of what they have to offer. My bucket lists have just grown... thank you so much for the experience and will be back for more!"

Feedback from Michael S, Australia
September 2015, Flinders Ranges Master Class
"I would like to thank Ian and Ewen for organising such a thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Stunning scenery, great food and good company. Who could ask for more? But wait! A scenic dawn flight over Wilpena Pound with the door open and the chance to try some aerial photography, astro-photography under a clear outback sky, abundant wildlife, an ancient landscape covered in wildflowers, comfortable accommodation and welcoming hosts - all included? Wow! All of these things combined make an unforgettable experience."

Feedback from Michael W and Robyn S, Australia
June 2015, Grand Outback Photo Tour
"Ewen Bell; a great photographer, tutor and mentor. On a recent photographic tour Ewen demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the photographic medium; particularly as an art form. He provided excellent tutoring to all group members keeping the technical to a simple, understandable level whilst encouraging everyone to maximise their capabilities to take great, artistic photos. We certainly finished the trip with hundreds of great shots, wonderful memories and a plethora of newly acquired photographic skills and techniques which we have subsequently put to good use. We thank Ewen for a wonderful photographic experience, his mentoring and friendship and would highly recommend anyone interested in touring with Ewen to; Go For It!"

"A great photographer, tutor and mentor."

Feedback from Shamsydar A, Singapore
April 2015, Daylesford Food Photography Workshop
"The four day Daylesfood Food Photography workshop last April was one of the main highlights of my journey as a new professional photographer. I chanced upon Ewen's website at 5am in the morning after a sleepless night, and needless to say, everything else was history. Not only was Ewen quick to respond to my email, he also addressed my concerns very patiently. Having to fly in to Melbourne from Singapore, Ewen made sure that I arrived to Daylesford safely by introducing me to a fellow participant who was driving in to Daylesford.

The workshop itself was very hands on and intimate. Shellie created beautiful and delicious food, and styled them immaculately, making our job as photographers a lot easier. Ewen guided us individually on how we could improve our photos, and at one point, he even showed me how one image can be edited into four different looks. What I love about the workshop was that Ewen didn't give us handouts - he taught us from his heart and soul. Now that I am home, being able to replicate photos from the techniques taught is one of the key highlights of the Daylesford Food Photography workshop."

Feedback from John and Jenny T, Australia
June 2015, Grand Outback Photo Tour
"Our Outback Photography Tour with Ewen Bell was a little gem. As expected, he has an extraordinary understanding of photography per se, but it is his willingness to share this knowledge that makes his tours so worthwhile. Add to that his warm personality, sense of humour, and unbridled enthusiasm for what he does, and you have a experience not to be missed. Thank you Ewen!"

"Come with an open mind, and it will be filled with ideas and images."

Feedback from Alison R, UK
February 2015, Bhutan Photography Tour
"My best decision of 2015 was to join this photography trip with Ewen Bell and Ian Rolfe. This trip was really remarkable in various ways: the intense attention to detail in planning and execution, the 'hands on' help with the photography and the processing, plus the feeling throughout that we were able to get 'under the skin' of this fantastically beautiful country. Spending longer in one place, for example, during the Punakha festival, meant that locals became used to us and sometimes that curiosity blossomed into communication, which gave an extra dimension to the travel experience, and resulted in better photos.

The visit to Gasa in the North was the first time I have ever travelled in a place where we saw NO other foreigners, and that was very special. The local team, with whom Ewen has built up a unique relationship, fit the mould of 'perfect tour guide and driver'. Rinzi is equally passionate about the virtues of his country and in ensuring that guests leave with an equal appreciation. Nothing is too much trouble, and Kinza handled the car and our belongings as if they were eggs about to hatch. I felt so safe throughout.

Between them, Ewen and Ian cover many aspects of photographic skill with diverse approaches and styles, which only benefits the client, as you have access to double the wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as strengths crossing more genres, eg, people, landscape and architecture, night photography and water. Come with an open mind, and it will be filled with ideas and images.

Have no doubt that this is a trip of a lifetime, and that you will go home with a portfolio of terrific photographs, improved skills and memories to cherish."

Feedback from Ken B, Australia
February 2015, Bhutan Photography Tour
"Hi Ian and Ewen, Firstly, I would like to thank you both for a really fantastic time on the recent workshop. Your enthusiasm, generosity and organization are awesome! We both had a wonderful time and learnt so much! I look forward to more trips with you in the very near future. Please add my name to your special mailing list. My feedback to you both is this... don't change a thing!"


Feedback from Judith B, Australia
October 2014, Bhutan Photography Tour
"My trip to Bhutan in 2014 was my third photography tour with Ewen, and I knew I could relax and enjoy my photography, confident that everything would go smoothly and great photo opportunities would be provided. The landscapes of Bhutan are awesome and we had plenty of time to enjoy them by travelling slowly (of necessity on the narrow roads) and taking walks through the valleys and mountain forests.

Our itinerary was designed to coincide with the annual temple festivals, which are a deeply cultural experience and a photographer's dream. In one village we had privileged access 'behind the scenes' and were able to fully immerse ourselves in the 3-day event.

Ewen was on hand to provide helpful tips and his inside knowledge ensured that we were always in the right place at the right time. Our driver and guide were very friendly and helped to give us an insight into the unique culture and lifestyle of the Bhutanese. Our accommodation was clean and comfortable and the people everywhere were a delight, despite the language barrier. As we were advised in advance, the food was not very interesting, but that didn't matter as photography was the main purpose of the trip, and the results continue to evoke happy memories."

Feedback from Mark and Suzette H, Australia
October 2014, Bhutan Photography Tour
"We travelled to Bhutan with Ewen- our second adventure with him. A stunning mountainous environment in the foothills of the Himalayas; and a very personal look into the unique culture of the Bhutanese people. Highlights of the trip were definitely the photographic opportunities of the festivals in Central and Eastern Bhutan, well-away from the busy tourist areas. Ewen is a great teacher, conscious of individual needs; aided by his commitment to travel in small groups which really ensures there is plenty of time for everyone. We would genuinely recommend putting Bhutan on your bucket list; and we look forward to travelling with Ewen again."

"Ewen can make you a better photographer."

Feedback from Patrick G.
November 2014, Nepal Photography Tour
"I had the pleasure of traveling to Nepal with Ewen in 2014. Based on my experience let me tell you why you should go on this photo tour.
1) Ewen is a true professional photographer. Unfortunately there are many photographers leading tours these days who don't understand their craft or can't teach. Ewen can make you a better photographer.
2) Beyond photography Ewen is an excellent cultural guide. His knowledge not only helps you capture better photos but ensures you will come away with a better understanding of the Nepali culture. 3) Ewen has an outstanding local support team. He has identified the best places to stay in each location. Ewen's relationship with the Sherpas and tea house operators ensures your trip will go smoothly.
4) The itinerary will give you a broad perspective of the country. Also Ewen has built the itinerary so your body can properly adjust to the altitude by gradually moving to higher elevations.

If you have any desire to see Nepal sign up for this tour. It just may be the best photo tour you will ever take. "

Feedback from Joyce L.
November 2014, Nepal Photography Tour
"I travelled with Ewen to Nepal in October 2014, my 3rd photo tour with him. As with my previous trips with Ewen, Ewen has always been inspirational in his creative vision and the way he looks for the light . He is ever patient and generous in sharing his love for the camera and tips on post-processing. One of the things I learnt from him on my first photo tour was to connect with the subject, especially when taking portraits and the Nepal tour offers many opportunities for photographing the lovely Nepali people. Ewen's Nepal tour gave an extensive, well-rounded and wonderful insight into a beautiful country with stunning landscape scenery and warm, friendly people who are generous with their smiles and hospitality. If you are thinking of going on a Nepal photo tour, look no further!"

Feedback from Martin and Bev C, USA
November 2014, Nepal Photography Tour
"Our journey with Ewen Bell through Nepal in 2014 was exciting both scenically and culturally. The majesty of the mountains is probably surpassed by the friendliness of the people. There are many great photographic opportunities of the people, their towns nestled between the giant peaks, and their religious shrines as well as the mountains themselves. Ewen had a lot to teach, especially regarding the use of light to make stunning images and the use of color in post-processing to recreate the mood of the country. One especially treasured set of memories is of the local guides who were among the most considerate and warm people we have encountered."

The Australian
September 20 2014
...Australia-based professional photographer Ewen Bell offers a series of food and travel-focused photo tours, including Food Photography in Victoria's King Valley; Iceland Winterscapes and Australia By Air itineraries. A Norway Winterscapes tour from February 25 to March 11, 2016, escorted by Bell and fellow photographer Ian Rolfe, includes opportunities to capture the picturesque fishing cottages and coastal scenery and rugged landscapes of Tromso and Lofotel in Arctic Norway.

Feedback from Greg and Val E, Australia
February 2014, Iceland Photo Tour & Norway Photography Workshop
"We want to thank you for your fabulous photography workshops to Iceland and Norway. Val and I were simply blown away by the awesome scenery, enchanting fishing villages and of course the unbelievable aurora experiences.

We went with the hope that we might have just one night where we saw the northern lights as a special treat. To see them on at least five occasions far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to your expert tuition, we quickly learnt how to best photograph them and have captured some wonderful images that have even been successful in competitions

Thank you ever so much for looking after our special dietary requirements and making sure we were well catered for. I'm sure we will join you again on your next workshop to the region."


Feedback from Joyce LM, Singapore
September 2013, Bhutan Photography Tour
"Travelling to Bhutan with Ewen was an amazing experience all round--Bhutan is a stunning country with breathtaking scenery and dzongs/temples in dramatic locations; the Bhutanese are such lovely people--warm, friendly and usually very happy to be photographed. Our guide and driver were very professional and such lovely people. We definitely hit the jackpot with our guide, Rinzi, who was very knowledgeable, funny and had great people skills. But the best jackpot of all was travelling with Ewen and learning so much from him about the art of 'going slow, getting closer and letting the light lead you' and these 3 concepts will stick with me whenever I pick up my camera.

Ewen is very passionate about photography, patient and a natural teacher who loves to share his immense knowledge of his craft, a trait which I found very refreshing in the increasingly commercialised world of travel photography tours. I learnt so many new techniques and a few things about my camera that made shooting even more satisfying, as well as picking up a few tips on processing of my images. I felt that we got to experience the 'real' Bhutan with Ewen--we certainly got into the heart of Bhutan and more, experienced some pretty amazing festivals and colours, and quite often we had some unexpected surprise which I loved, like chancing upon an archery tournament overlooking the rice terraces in Chimi, getting up close to see rice being harvested in the Jakar Valley in Bumthang, enroute to what was supposed to have been a short walk to a temple! If you are willing to slow down and go with the flow, a trip to Bhutan with Ewen will not disappoint. I came away with so many beautiful images of Bhutan and her lovely people, made some great friends on the trip and this definitely has been the best photography tour for me thus far. I'm now looking forward to the next one with Ewen!"

Escape - National Travel Section
September 22 2013 - Photography trip to the Australian Outback
...By halfway through the trip we've settled into a routine. At night Ewen shows us a slide show of his best shots. He's with us every step of the way so we see what we could have done differently and the angle that would have worked better. He tactfully doesn't just shoot the same scenes as us - that would be too demoralising. Instead he trains his lenses on us.

We become the stars of his shoots - never have I seen myself look so happy carrying 3kg of camera gear around my neck. But who couldn't look ecstatic when he captures the moment you've splashed under the King George Falls?

His fast shutter speeds freeze droplets of mist in the air and catch the bubbles in my glass of bubbly. And yes, a dip in the falls with a glass of champagne is as amazing as it looks through his lens.

Feedback from David N, Australia
March 2013, Nepal Photography Tour
"Joining Ewen Bell on his Nepalese tour was the best travel decision I've ever made. Ewen oozes knowledge and passion, his affinity with the local people is infectious. I learnt so much about photography and coupled with using the best available light it was an awesome adventure. The support team around Ewen was fantastic, from checking into accommodation to being out on the road I couldn't have asked for more. I've made some great friends and can't wait to do it again, frankly i couldn't recommend him highly enough!"

Feedback from Scott M, Australia
March 2013, Nepal Photography Tour
"Travelling to Nepal with Ewen in 2013 was an incredible experience and one I'll never forget. Ewen's tours provide something you can't get from simply booking a trip on your own. It's the knowledge and passion he displays, the understanding & respect he has for the local cultures of the places he visits, and the way he consistently manages to place you at the right place at the right time that sets what Ewen does apart from everyone else. Ewen is a rare find, he taught me real, tangible photographic skills that stick with me, and I can use every time I pick up a camera. Ewen shows how much better your shots can be when you spend less time focusing on the camera and more time investing yourself into the people and incredible environment surrounding you. Ewen's tours are refined to perfection and show his years of experience, consistently making great choices for accommodation, food, transport and general comfort. Also, the group size is limited so he can spend quality time with everyone both out shooting or even a little post processing of an evening. As with all travel, there are often unexpected occurrences, but Ewen expertly navigates these things finding new shooting opportunities and ensuring every group has a unique experience. Whatever your photographic skill level, I cannot recommend Ewen's tours enough."

Feedback from Jerry H, UK
January 2013, Myanmar Photography Tour
"I have travelled with Ewen several times, in different parts of the world and hope to again when the opportunity arises. They have been memorable trips but Myanmar reached a new peak! Every day was something different with the opportunity to do and learn more; invariably we are off the beaten track, finding something unusual but with time to see some of the more popular, the days were full but never rushed and were so rewarding. It might mean we were up before dawn to see monks at alms collection, an early morning market or an opportune moment whilst travelling to see rural people at work in the heat of the day. Then there was the amazing opportunity to stay in a village up in the hills with no cars and certainly no other tourists an incredible ethnographic and photographic experience! Of course there was time for images of amazing sunsets over iconic foreground and even star trails late into evening. What I like about travelling with Ewen, is that he has been able to guide us to some of the best spots without necessarily seeing hoards of tourists! He finds places for great eating experiences too - he knows a bit about food and food photography! Ewen also has the ability to engage with local people and even though language might be difficult gets amazing cooperation, combined with his good humour, admirable local knowledge and preparation ensures that we had an amazing time. My experience of the Myanmar trip remains one of the very best I have had."

See Jerry's Photos from Myanmar

Feedback from Sandra N, Australia
January 2013, Myanmar Photography Tour
"Wow, another wonderful trip with Ewen to a magical land where the people win your heart with their hospitality, generosity and infectious laughter. Our short journey through Myanmar was filled with so many laughs with friends old and new. There are so many beautiful things to see: temples, ancient cities, lakes, fishermen, markets and mountain villages, all painting a gorgeous picture of Myanmar. The absolute highlight of the trip is getting off the beaten track and the interaction with the locals- spending time with children and monks in mountain villages, farmers in the fields and fisherman on the lakes. Ewen's 'go slow' philosophy rewards with so many of the great shots that we are all so proud of, reflecting our travel experience rather than a checklist of the major sites. We have all come home with some awesome photos and the desire to go back to explore the countryside for more hidden treasures."


Feedback from Will F, USA
October 2012 - Bhutan Photography Tour
"Having travelled to China with Ewen Bell in 2011, I thought that was the best tour ever. But then came Bhutan with Ewen in 2012. Every bit as good, and maybe better. Superb guides, drivers, and hotels with schedules carefully planned to capture the best light and activities for the dedicated photographer. Honestly, I don't know how I would improve either of these experiences."

Feedback from Kathryn M, Australia
October 2012 - Bhutan Photography Tour
"Travelling to Bhutan is and will be an experience that I will never forget. Between the endless photo ops and expertise from Ewen and the tour guide, you are guaranteed to not only be deeply inspired, but also to come out a better photographer by the end of your trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Bhutan. The countryside is beautiful, quite breathtaking, the people warm and friendly. The dzongs and monastries are so impressive, in particular those at Punakha and Trongsa. It.s a trip of a life time.

Ewen, I thank you for putting together such phenomenal trip to Bhutan. You were so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and seemed to genuinely care that group members got good photos, much better than leaders on other photo tours I have taken. We learnt how to use our cameras creatively and to always think of the composition. Now every time I look into the viewfinder, I'm thinking 'look for the light, be creative'. Thanks for an awesome time Ewen!"

Feedback from Gerald C, USA
September 2012 - China Photography Tour
"I've traveled to the far corners of the planet and had my doubts about following another photographer through China. After one day with Ewen those concerns were put to rest. His knowledge of the people combined with his love for photography made this an extraordinary adventure. I've been shooting professionally since 1975 and I can honestly say that I still learned a lot from Ewen and enjoyed every second of doing so. Throughout the trip he did his best to put us in the right spot at the right moment for great photos. We went to great locations throughout the country and visited many varied cultures, but most importantly we lived and ate with the people of China. Ewen introduced us to the parts of China that have not been tainted by modern times. We were in the fields where they grow and harvest their food, in their homes where they prepare their meals. We held and photographed their babies, shared their laughter and witnessed their hardships and joy.

If you want to see the real China then take this trip. If you want to photograph real Chinese faces, eat and learn to prepare real Chinese food, photograph the real history and grandeur that is China, then take this trip. What more can I say. After two weeks with Ewen I call him a trusted colleague, I respect him as a professional travel photographer, and consider him a life long friend."

Feedback from Doris C, USA
September 2012 - China Photography Tour
"Our Trip was Magic, I rarely get the opportunity to travel abroad. Ewen made it easy. He took us off the beaten path where we could experience niches of different cultures while exercising our photo skills. Not only did he take us to breathtaking sunrise vistas but we explored the local markets and neighborhoods. While our adventure included the iconic Great Wall, Terra-cotta solders, and Summer Palace, We also bike rode through farm villages, wandered through centuries old rice terraces. By the end of the trip, the group felt like family. I would love to take another trip with Ewen."

Feedback from Eve W, Australia
March 2012 - Nepal Photography Tour
"I travelled to Nepal with Ewen earlier this year. This is my fourth photography tour with Ewen and as always I loved the trip. Ewen has a gift of showing you the 'real' aspects of a country and it's people. Every day is an adventure and learning different photography techniques and his passion for his craft is inspiring. His mantra 'go slow' means that you get to see and do things that others may never experience. I thoroughly enjoy travelling with Ewen, he is a fabulous mentor, a great travel companion and I look forward to doing another trip with him."


Feedback from Mary F, Australia
November 2011 - Ancient Kingdoms Photography Tour
"This was my first photography trip with Ewen bell and on my return I signed up for another because I had learnt so much. The group was small which enabled each of us to have individual attention suited to our skills. No matter what level we were, Ewen was able to provide information.s and advice to improve our images. I was able to approach Ewen with any query I had. He took us to the best locations and in crowded venues he had a special, quiet spot for us. His unique perspective on travel photography changed the way I approached my shots resulting in my coming home with images different to my usual travel photos. He showed me how to take photos which illustrated the atmosphere and emotion of the places we visited. He is a sensitive photographer and his approach to his photographic subjects is respectful and non-exploitive. He gave regular sessions were we could talk over our day.s photography and review our efforts. He and Jason, the tour company Grasshopper's leader, added fun and laughter to the trip. The accommodation and food provided were excellent. I would recommend this trip to anyone."

Feedback from Nanciellen D, Canada
November 2011 - Ancient Kingdoms Photography Tour
"I have gone with Ewen Bell on three photo tours, including the Ancient Kingdoms tour. I can recommend him and his tours without reservation. His groups will be small; the itineraries will be well thought out and he brings the experience of having done these trips many times before; he will provide helpful and knowledgeable local guides. Ewen encourages questions regarding photography and he will try to help clients get their best photos possible and improve their photographic skills. The Ancient Kingdoms tour provides many opportunities for challenging photography and Ewen helps clients address those challenges."

Feedback from Marcy B, USA
November 2011 - Ancient Kingdoms Photography Tour
"It was a pleasure and a privilege to travel with Ewen during his Ancient Kingdoms tour. Ewen is more than a photographer --- he is an artist and master of light! He has a unique and enviable ability to bring out the best in people and places through the creative and sensitive interpretation of his surroundings. Traveling with Ewen was truly an adventure as he sought out rewarding interactions and locations for his clients. He was always willing to provide tips and instruction on how to improve your images and provided honest, helpful, constructive suggestions for your work. In addition to capturing beautiful images, he encouraged those traveling with him to be sure to take the time to soak in the surroundings and revel in the experiences unfolding around them."

Feedback from Sandra N, Australia
October 2011 - Bhutan Photography Tour
"Travelling with Ewen on a photography tour is an amazing way to experience the temples, mountains, people and culture in some very beautiful and unique parts of the world. Nepal is full of gorgeous photo opportunities - from the chaos of Kathmandu, to the serenity of Chitwan National Park, to the breathtaking Himalayas, there are so many magical moments.
The Bhutan research trip was truly out of this world. Landing in Paro was like stepping into another time and place or a movie set. Travelling around Bhutan was truly amazing, full of surprises, laughter and absolutely beautiful photographs. The entire country was full of colour, excitement and pride in anticipation of the royal wedding. Friendships formed made it even more special.
Ewen's sense of adventure and passion for photography is so inspiring and his patience for teaching and sharing means that everyone gets great shots. One of the best things about the material that Ewen publishes, whether it be a tour brochure, books, photo essays or articles, is that if you been part of a trip, whenever you see one of his photos, you're able to relive the journey again. "

Feedback from Cortney V, USA
September 2011 - China Photography Tour
"If you are looking for a travel adventure with the opportunity to refine your photography skills, meet interesting people, and laugh your way through the day and night, then a tour with Ewen is the trip for you!

Friendly from the first email greeting to the hugs goodbye at the last hotel, Ewen is an amazing tour guide that you will never forget! I participated in his 2011 China Tour as a single, female traveler and can confirm that it was truly a trip of a lifetime! The tour had eight travelers (only 4 people wielding cameras) with a diverse range of age, photography acumen, and travel experience. Ewen spent a considerable amount of time with each participant in our small group providing feedback, answering questions, and offering suggestions on composition, light, and exposure.

Ewen generously provided great recommendations on a good camera setup to take on the trip (get a wide-angle lens and leave your tripod at home). His two favorite suggestions of "get closer" and "follow the light" will forever change the way you take a photograph. His technique allows you to become intimately familiar with the people and environment, allowing you to explore through the lens in a way that will leave a smile in your heart. His gentle ability to push you outside of your comfort zone with camera settings, perspective, and choice of camera lens will overhaul your travel photographs in a way you never imagined.

Ewen shared his appreciation of the local Chinese culture, food, and customs by ensuring the group gets a taste of a variety of regional cuisines, stopping to watch (really watch) a game of Xiangqi, and veering away from touristy, trendy sites and hotels and focusing on smaller temples, bell towers, sections of the Great Wall, hidden markets, and local family-run restaurants and street vendors.

The tour is expertly planned, balanced (in itinerary, time in each location, and free time), and professionally executed. Ewen's interpreter and lovely travel associate, Yiran, a Beijing-native, is an absolute gem, and one of the most thoughtful, patient, and lovely people you will ever meet! Our trip into the countryside had its twists and turns with unexpected surprises, and having a local voice with a calm head made for a fantastic adventure!

Ewen's technical prowess and inspiring perspective will revolutionize your general camera aptitude and significantly improve the quality of the photos you take. His friendly, casual style, comical and fun personality, and great ability as a teacher will inspire you to continue to snap photographers long after you return home. The China Tour experience is authentic and unforgettable!"

Time Magazine
June 09 2011 - Get The Picture
...The solution to photographing the outback's vast spaces? Two weeks' travel on private aircraft, with tuition by award-winning lensman Ewen Bell. You'll shoot the arid landscape of South Australia's Breakaways Reserve in the morning light, then jump on a plane to photograph a far-flung cattle station in the afternoon's glow. Bell promises short hops (two hours or less), some luxury lodging and a glass or two of decent Aussie wine to end each day.

Feedback from Graham T, Canada
March 2011 - Nepal Photography Tour
"I joined Ewen for the second time in February 2011 for the Nepal Photo Tour. As before, one of the best parts of the tour was Ewen with his combination of wit and photographic wizardry. The lowland portion of the tour included visits to the environs of Kathmandu as well as two days in the Chitwan National Park. The upland portion of the tour covered the Lower Mustang Annapurna circuit by foot and jeep and lasted about 10 days from Tukche at 2400m all the way up to Muktinath at 3800m. Lots of stops in between to visit the people and to have our Nepali tea. Rustic Guest Houses take some getting used to... but overall an AWESOME trip.

I found the trip to be very well organized and the personal one-on-one tutoring from Ewen made my photography much better. Ewen had the ability to take an ordinary scene and transform it into something artistic no matter where we were. I would not hesitate to recommend any photo tour that Ewen puts his name behind and I had a really great time. I plan to travel with him again."


Feedback from Grace C, USA
December 2010 - Laos Elephant Research Trip
"For someone who has a passion for photography, adventure and life, Ewen's photo research trips are just perfect. I was lucky enough to be able to join Ewen on his Elephant Photo Research trip from Thailand to Laos in 2010 and it far exceeded my expectations. What made the trip particularly great was that it was off the beaten path, which allowed us a closer experience with the locals and immersion in their culture. And on top of all that was Ewen's obvious passion and compassion that make him a great tour leader and teacher. Unlike other large tour groups, Ewen's tours are small and he is able to give personal attention to everyone on their photography, which I greatly appreciated. This was such an amazing trip filled with great people, fun and love for elephants that I hope to come on another one soon. :)"

Feedback from June W, USA
November 2010 - Ancient Kingdoms Photo Tour
"I can highly recommend this trip for any avid photographer. Ours was a mixed group with a wide range of expertise and experience, but Ewen Bell gave each of us the degree of instruction we wanted and/or needed. It was exhilarating just to follow him around and see what he did, although we also had ample time to explore on our own. He and Jason Williams were tireless in their efforts to show us a good time, as well as develop our skills: panning; shooting "rough"; timing our expeditions so we caught sunrises and sunsets; showing us the best corner on which to see the processions of monks receiving alms; encouraging us when we felt a bit discouraged with our results; demonstrating how to engage the local villagers who spoke no English so they were happy to pose for us; sharing processing tips; waiting for us to catch up (mainly me). What impressed me most about this tour was the genuine consideration of our guides for the local people of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, who responded with warmth when we asked them for photographs. Jason and Ewen showed us many ways we could 'give back"; Jason is a pretty good juggler, to the delight of the local children! I would highly recommend the tour. Great food and accommodation, interesting and varied sites, good friends. "

Feedback from Susan VM, USA
November 2010 - Ancient Kingdoms Photo Tour
"My first photography tour with Ewen and Grasshopper Adventures will not be my last. Our tour of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia was orchestrated with the perfect mix of one-on-one photography instruction, planned activities and photo opportunities, and free time to recoup and relax. Ewen's approach to non-obtrusive photography, responsible tourism, and cultural sensitivity was refreshing and inspiring. Ewen and Jason went the extra mile to accommodate my special needs due to a recent knee injury. Thanks for a great holiday and unforgettable introduction to SE Asia."

Feedback from May-Lee W, Netherlands
September 2010 - China Photography Tour
"The trip was everything I wanted it to be and more! We saw a great cross-section of China, tried fabulous local foods, honed our photography skills and managed to squeeze in some good trekking and a calligraphy class as well. The photography tuition on the road was invaluable; Ewen knows his craft inside out and has a real passion and willingness to share it with others. His positivity and wicked grin is infectious, we laughed our way through China and took a ton of fabulous photos while doing it. The trip was very comfortable and flexible enough to suit all of our needs; plenty of free time here and there meant tour members could choose to take a breather or do additional activities, for which Ewen and Yiran provided plenty of suggestions. I give this tour 12 out of 10 - when's the next one? :)"

Feedback from Michelle M, Australia
June 2010 - Outback Photography Tour
"Ever been on a magic carpet ride? Neither have I. Although, travelling on a private plane, to remote outback locations, being first and foremost a tour catering to photographers; awe-inspiring. An opportunity of a lifetime for me, this tour was above and beyond what I could have imaged. The extra special thing (besides the red drink :) ) Ewen was happy to share his experience/knowledge on photography and always made time to answer any questions. With his help, it certainly inspired me to bigger and better things in my photography. The bad note; the trip ended! If you have a passion for photography (regardless of level) you will not be disappointed by this tour. It is an adventure not to be missed. "

Feedback from Jerry, Christian and Jules.
May 2010 - Guizhou Research Tour
"There was so much to savour, as the journey involved the experience of travel to relatively unspoilt rural areas where tourists were rare, a kind of photography that I (in fact, we all..) had little experience of and so many opportunities to practice and perfect techniques introduced by Ewen."
- Jerry (UK)
"It was challenging to learn new ways and styles but I have to say that what I learnt and the results are pretty cool. I feel like I am now in my photos even though I'm behind the camera - I feel so much more connected to my primary subject. Not only was Ewen able to get us to amazing photographic opportunities and events but his 'food-dar' (food radar) was excellent because everywhere we ate was really terrific and added to the total experience."
- Julie (Australia)
"What a great trip, we got on so well we thought we'd combine our review! We came together from different parts of the globe with differing levels of experience but left China rich with memories, knowledge and a new found confidence in our photographic abilities - Oh yes and pictures to be proud of! The relaxed style and travelling with other likeminded photographers enabled us all to get so much out of the whole experience. As this tour was all about people, I had to get out of my comfort zone from the start. I don't regret it at all! It was probably one of the most valuable experiences I've ever made."
- Christian (Germany)

Feedback from Liz G, USA
April 2010 - Nepal Photography Tour
"My fourth trip with Grasshopper Adventures to Nepal was the best yet. Someone on the trip said that her friend suggested that travelling to Nepal was the journey of a lifetime, and for all of us, I think it was. We started in the warm, vibrant and colorful Kathmandu Valley, moved to the rhinos and elephants of the Chitwan National Park, then on to the gray, stoney architecture of the mountain towns with bold splashes of color here and there and the majestic Himalayas shining in the sun. Spiritual places, scenery that takes your breath away, and people that are the kindest and warmest you will ever meet - that's what we photographed. And Ewen and Sam gave us their experience and love for the country along the way. Tibetan music in the van, sunrise to catch the first light on the mountain peaks, an arm around an old man showing us his sword, a hug for a kid, a laugh and a cry. What a journey of a lifetime!"

Feedback from Martin Z, Australia
April 2010 - Nepal Photography Tour
"I now fully appreciate what the words 'tour de force' mean. From the frenetic pace of crowded Kathmandu to the more gentle pace of ancient Baktapur, the wildlife of Chitwan National Park, the picturesque provincial town of Pokhara, the rugged beauty of the Anapurnas and village life in rural communities, we had an amazing time. Nearly every day, we were up before the sun to catch the first precious rays of light and at the end of the day totally ready to collapse into bed. Yes, it was hard work but the rewards were well worth the effort. The travel experience was a pleasure, occasionally punctuated with the odd surprise, such as an unexpected departure from Chitwan by elephant. Just as importantly, my photography reached a new level. I felt rather like the sorcerer's apprentice following in the footsteps of the sorcerer (Ewen Bell) who helped me along the path to improving my digital sorcery. The results speak for themselves and I can even claim to be smugly proud of more than a few remarkable shots. So many thanks to those who made it possible: Ewen, Sam the Mountain Man, Mr Mohan, our gentlemanly Nepali guide, and most of all the Nepalese people who were a delight everywhere we went."


Feedback from Elizabeth G, USA
November 2009 - Ancient Kingdoms Photography Tour
"My third trip with Ewen and Grasshopper Adventures to see the ancient kingdoms of SE Asia was magnificent! I fell in love with the land, the people and the culture and brought back some great photographs and memories. Typical of Grasshopper Adventures, we found things there that no large tour company would ever include. As an example, on the way to visit one of the ancient temples we happened to see a small group of people harvesting rice, so we stopped the bus and our local Cambodian guide asked if they would mind if we took their pictures while they worked. They said yes we could, so we spent at least an hour with them while they worked, talked and laughed. It is interactions like this one that bring you nearer to the people and what I love so much about Ewen's style and Grasshopper Adventures' philosophy on travel. Thanks, guys!"

Feedback from Rachael B, Australia
September 2009 - China Photography Tour
"I travelled with Ewen and Grasshopper Adventures to China in 2009. It was a wonderful trip and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of a photographic holiday. Each destination was unique and offered ample photographic opportunities. Ewen is an enthusiastic teacher happy to answer questions and always willing to help. I have been on other photography tours where the photographer was too busy taking his own photos to help those on the tour. This was not the case at all with Ewen. He was there first and foremost as a teacher happily offering suggestions and advice to ensure everyone in the group went home with great photos. I certainly hope to join them again in the not to distant future!"

Feedback from Audrey O, UK
September 2009 - China Photography Tour
"This trip was a combination of learning in many different ways. The information imparted regarded the history culture and geography of china was given with with humour respect and a great understanding of the Chinese people.Both Jason and Ewan showed great respect and care towards the group.It was such fun many laughs were had and Ewen was always there to ask questions, which were answered with detail. I know my photography has come on three fold with Ewen patience and understanding has given me the impetis to carry this further. So if you want to learn have fun become a better photographer these guys will help you to do this. Great trip and so many experiences."

Feedback from Donna Z, USA
June 2009 - Grand Outback Photography Tour
"My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to travel on their maiden voyage in June of this year and were absolutely thrilled with the experience! There were several of us who were continually pinching ourselves throughout the two weeks to make sure that it really was more than just a dream!

I can only think of two areas of photography that would not be well suited to this trip, so if you are passionate about only architecture or sports photography, you might want to stay in the city! However, I'd definitely recommend a trip like this for anyone who wants to grow in any other field of photography, no matter what level of experience they have - from novice right through to the professional level. As an instructor and mentor, Ewen was humble and very approachable."

Feedback from Eve W, Australia
March 2009 - Yunnan Photography Research Trip
"I was one of the lucky three people to join Ewen when he did a research trip into the province of Yunnan, China in March 2009. What an unbelievable experience it was, full of amazing people, scenery, adventures and most of all fantastic photographic opportunities. I have to say it was one of the most memorable trips I have ever done and was a photographers dream, not to mention some of the best food I have ever tasted! This trip takes you off the usual tourist path giving you greater freedom and more opportunities to really immerse yourself into the local culture and meet the people and find out more about their way of life. Under the guidance of Ewen, I also learnt so many more tips and tricks to take control of my camera and achieve the results that I wanted. For anyone who may be contemplating this trip, an opportunity not to be missed."


Reuters India
December 12th 2008 - Online Lifestyle
...You've been there, seen that and probably have the photos too, but for holidaymakers keen to add a professional edge to their snaps, an Australian travel journalist offering Asia Pacific tours may be just the ticket.

Feedback from James S, USA
November 2008 - China Photography Tour
"I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in photography and China travel, regardless of your age (I'm 81). The tour was essentially perfect in every way, far exceeding my expectations. Ewen is a fine and gentle teacher who will guide you into ways of looking at a scene to fine-tune the visual quality of your complete photograph before you snap the shutter. There is no shortage of tantalizing scenes to capture for the experienced or inexperienced photographer. Ewen and Simon made this trip so much more than I expected, and I'm still almost jumping with exuberance about the entire experience long after I returned home."

Feedback from Nanciellen D, Canada.
October 2008 - Silk Road Photography Tour
"My recent trip on the Silk Road with Ewen and Simon was everything I wanted and more. Every day included extensive opportunities for photography followed by feedback on my efforts; the accommodations, food, and transportation were excellent, especially the camel ride; Ewen and Simon are terrific travel companions. My photography has improved and my appreciation of China has expanded even further. Well done!"

Feedback from Heather H, Australia
February 2008 - India Photography Tour
"My third trip with Ewen and Jason from Grasshopper Travels and definitely not my last! Rajasthan is an amazing and confronting region and this trip was packed full of highlights from the Thar Desert to the bustling towns. With Ewen's guidance I was able to photograph the wonderfully friendly people of the region and, along with his forays down busy streets, temples and markets, I brought home the best travel photos I have even taken. Once again the trip was flawlessly planned and smoothly delivered. We stayed in former palaces, tried out local restaurants and rode camels across the desert. Jason even organised a cricket match with the eager people of Mandawa. I can't recommend these two professionals highly enough - for photographers or just those who like to travel to somewhere different. Thanks guys for yet another wonderful adventure."

Feedback from Elizabeth G, USA
February 2008 - India Photography Tour
"My trip to India with Grasshopper Adventures was the most fabulous journey of sights, sounds and smells! Rajasthan is an unforgettable region filled with color and pattern, chaos and beauty, and welcoming people - an incredible place for a photography adventure. Jason and Ewen were the best guides, taking us to places tourists don't usually find so that we could slow down, experience where we were, and capture in a photograph the people and scenes that cemented the wonderful experiences into our hearts. Ewen's photography skill and great teaching techniques left me with more than 1800 pictures, with a set of really great ones that will inspire my artwork for a long time. The tour itself was spectacular and well planned. The hotels were all unique in their own right, everyone on the trip had lots of laughs, we made new friends and carried home great memories. As a person who doesn't tend to like tours, I'm sold on Grasshopper Adventures' intimate style and already planning my next two trips. Thanks Jason and Ewen!"

Feedback from Eve W, Australia
February 2008 - India Photography Tour
Travelling around Rahjastan, India was a truly amazing experience. This was a trip that appealed to all of the senses - the sights, sounds, smells, taste and feel, every sensory experience is covered. It was a joy to travel with people who were all focused on the same interest of photography and each person captured their own individual images of what and how they saw this truly amazing country.India can be a difficult place to travel, but our tour guide Jason did a seamless job of ensuring that all the logistics were in place and we travelled in comfort. Nothing was too much trouble!

Lastly, the trip would not have been a success without Ewen imparting his expertise and professional tips on photography. He did this in a manner that was easy to understand with sessions and topics each day and also spent time with all of us individually. This was very beneficial as each member of the tour had different questions according to their individual skill levels. A big thank you to Ewen, his knowledge now means that I am in control of the camera and enjoy my photography!"


Feedback from Martin Z, Australia
September 2007 - China Photography Tour
"We will be recommending this tour to our friends both as a wonderful experience and a great chance to improve one's digital photography. The locations are varied and exciting and the photographic opportunities countless. We had over 1400 photos to sift through after our return and there were some really great shots. Very glad we bought that wide angle lens for the tour! As we said, a wonderful experience which will live on in memory as well as the photos."

Feedback from Diana E, USA
September 2007 - China Photography Tour
"The China Photography Tour with Grasshopper Tours and Ewen Bell met my expectations times ten. As an amateur photographer my goal on this trip was to learn my new camera and improve my photography skills. I accomplished both. Ewen was terrific, knowledgeable, patient and informative. He clearly knows and loves his craft. The tour was great - each destination was unique resulting in a trip that was constantly interesting with new and different photographic opportunities. If you can, join Ewen and Jason for great destinations, great food, great photographs, great company."

Feedback from Sharon P.
September 2007 - China Photography Tour
"I'd like to thank Jason for running a memorable tour for us and thank Ewen for opening my eyes to the world of travel photography. I'm now equipped with invaluable knowledge and new techniques taught by Ewen. With more practice (and more holidays), I'm confident that my photos will be much more interesting and engaging."

March 26th 2007 - GoNomad Online
... With plush green bamboo trees reflecting off the clean waterways in the area, Yangshuo is a perfect setting for any artist. A visit to this unforgettable region would not be complete without a cooking lesson from the locals. For a participant in Bell's tours, Yangshuo provides a scenic canvas for a traveling photographer before the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.

Vancouver Sun
January 27th 2007 - Vancouver and Online
...the cultural richness of China's eastern provinces with the opportunity to learn about photography from an expert. This trip focuses on responsible tourism through keeping the group size very small (max 8 people), using local guides, and visiting out-of-the-way communities.

Connected Photographer
January 16th 2007 - USA and Online
...A travel photography workshop that delves deep into the cultural, scenic and human richness of China and teaches you how to capture the photographs of a lifetime. Anyone who has dreamt of learning how travel photographers capture their evocative images can now enjoy an adventure travel experience that will take you up close to the people and culture that make such powerful images possible.


Feedback from Eliot S, USA
November 2006 - China Photography Adventure
"Ewen Bell is a real photographer's photographer. Even though all of the members of the trip had different levels of photographic skill, Ewen endeavored to help everybody. He certainly helped me to tailor my photography to China and helped me to come home with some fabulous shots. I have new respect for my wide angle lenses now that I have learned from Ewen. Ewen was able to take us to the locales in each district where the shots were. I think Ewen even helped with the weather and the light!!"

Feedback from Kim R, UK
September 2006 - China Photography Adventure
"This trip brought a part of me to life - it focused a passion for culture, people and travel and gave me the opportunity and confidence to express that in a way personal to me. I feel privileged to have met Jason, who is so unique in what he does, and Ewen who is quite simply an amazing photographer gifted with empathy and insight. I also feel especially lucky to have received so many smiles from the local people, and to have seen some of what is a very beautiful country. I wish I could do this 12 months of the year."

Frommer's Travel Guides
August 24th 2006 - Online
Grasshopper offers a sensational photography tour of China -- the "China Travel Photography Adventure" which features 15 days of clicking from Beijing to Hong Kong, including visiting the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, Shangahi, Yangshuo, Longji Rice Terraces and finally Hong Kong. Under the guidance and tutelage of professional photographer Ewen Bell, you will receive photography and technique lessons on the road with plenty of stunning subject matter to practice with.

New York Times Style Magazine
Holiday 2006 Edition
We were a little surprised to find the photo tour covered by such a stylish publication but it's clear that the good people at New York Times know a quality product when they see it. We chatted with the editors about what makes a great photo tour and also reccommended a few other operators who do something similar, but different.

Feedback from Michel F, Canada
March 2006 - China Photography Adventure
"Wow! What an experience! I really have enjoyed my travel workshop in China with Mr. Bell and Grasshopper Adventures. I had some previous photography experience before but during that trip, I have learned useful techniques and new ways to approach travel photography that can only be acquired while being coach by a professional; no books, no magazine will ever show you that!
Highly recommended to all photography lovers."

Feedback from Betty B, Australia
March 2006 - China Photography Adventure
"Upon losing my father in January, I decided on my way home after his homecoming that a special way to memorialize my father's life would be through photos of my journey along the rural countryside to our farm. The March photography trip was just what spirit lead me to do, and the learning/travel experience was better than I could have ever imagined. The beauty of China along with the supurb tour into the wonderful nuances of another culture brought to life by an excellent photographer teacher, has changed my sad thoughts of never seeing my father again to knowing that he is with me every time I use my camera."

Budget Travel
March 3rd 2006 - USA and Online
"The leaders are adventure travel operator Jason Williams and professional photographer Ewen Bell, whose work has been featured in publications such as GetLost Magazine, Sydney's Sunday Telegraph, and brochures for STA Travel and GAP Adventures. Hands-on digital photography workshops are organized by theme, including capturing intimacy and expression, using light for dramatic effect, shooting for context, and portraiture. Each shoot is followed by a discussion of the results and experience."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
February 26th 2006 - Atlanta and Online
"Experience the vibrant color and rich culture of China while learning how to capture powerful photographic images from an expert during Ewen Bell's 15-day China Adventure workshop. Bell, who developed the tour with travel operator Jason Williams of Asia-based Grasshopper Adventures, is a professional photographer and writer who has worked on photo assignments in more than 25 countries. Key cities and attractions include Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the Great Wall, rural villages, rice terraces and Xian's famous terra cotta warriors."

Chicago Tribune
February 26th 2006 - Chicago and Online
"With cultural icons such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and endless ranks of larger-than-life terra-cotta warriors, China serves up a feast for any photography buff. This year professional photographer Ewen Bell leads 14-night workshops in the Middle Kingdom, offering technical sessions and practical 'shoots' in cities and rural areas. Open to anyone with an interest in photography"

MX Newspaper
February 16th 2006 - Melbourne and Sydney
"Photographic instruction starts from ay one and aims to redefine the way each traveller looks and thinks about their photography. The hands-on photographic workshop will offer not only technical expertise, but also an opportunity for travellers to practise what they learn as they go along."

Sunday Times
February 12th 2006 - Perth
"Expert travel photographer Ewen Bell and adventure travel operator, Jason Williams have joined forces to offer the experience of a lifetime - a travel photography workshop that delves deep into the cultural, scenic and human richness of China and teaches you how to capture the photographs of a lifetime."

Honolulu Advertiser
February 12th 2006 - Hawaii
"Photographic instruction offers technical expertise with practice as you go. The workshops are open to anyone interested in photography. Each shoot is followed by a discussion on results and experiences. The workshops cover topics such as capturing intimacy and expression, using light for drama, capturing motion and shooting for context."

TravelLady Magazine
February 6th 2006 - Monthly Online
"Anyone who has dreamt of learning how travel photographers capture their evocative images can now enjoy an adventure travel experience that will take you up close to the people and culture that makes such powerful images possible."

January 29th 2006 - Sydney
"Want to improve the quality of your holiday snaps? Renowned travel photographer Ewen Bell is taking four groups of 12 to China thi syear on 15-day workshops which promise to redefine the way you look through a lens."


Feedback from Michelle W, Australia
April 2005 - Photographers Morocco Private Group
"Travelling with Ewen was an extraordinary experience which literally changed the way I looked at the world. Being guided to look through the lens in a particular way made me acutely aware of my surroundings and enabled me to engage with the local population in a way that is usually not possible as a tourist. Highly recommended as a rewarding way to travel."

Feedback from Chiara C, Australia
April 2005 - Photographers Morocco Private Group
"Ewen taught many useful tips and tricks in taking photos. Comparing the photos I ended up with at the end of my Morocco trip with previous trips, I saw a definite improvement. He was able to teach me many handy tips and tricks in taking photos. It isn't difficult to take a good photo when you know how and travelling with someone who does know how was fun."


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