Jökulsárlón / Iceland

“Jokulsarlon - Glacier Bay”
March 2014

1.6 seconds @ f/8.0
ISO 100
Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Jökulsárlón / Iceland
18 images

Chunks of glaciers are tipped onto a small bay near the coast, and on the whim of winds and storms they make their way out to sea only to be thrown back onto the black beaches by ocean waves. Jökulsárlón is a truly bizarre and amazing place to visit. You never know how many bergs will be landed on the shore, or if the winds will drag them all away. The blue colour comes from the old ice trapped inside the glacier for millenia, contrasting with the deep dark tones of volcanic black sands.

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Behind The Scenes

Jukolsarlon is the Icelandic name for "Glacier Bay". Well chosen name. These images were taken on a very stormy day at the end of a wonderful photo tour. A few of us got seriously wet during the shoot however. Before the day was out I watched about a dozen photographers from other groups take a bath in the ocean, denting their camera gear and pride. It's too easy to underestimate the dangers of this beach, and I myself was too confident. I love the location however, and can't wait to visit again in 2016 with our next tour.

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