Caravans of Laos

Laos - Hongsa

December 2010

1/1600th @ f/2.5
ISO 400
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Caravans of Laos

Laos - Hongsa
46 images

Once known as the land of a million elephants the kingdom of Laos is still home to over 1,000 of these majestic creatures. Half are domesticated for working in the forests, and some are friendly enough to help travellers instead of loggers. A week with the elephants is the best way to slowly explore the forests and the villages within.

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Behind The Scenes

Elefant Asia operate treks in Laos with the help of Green Discovery, and the funds raised through trekking go towards their educational and emergency response programs. Elefant Asia also organise the annual Laos Elephant Festival.

Riding elephants is a contentious issue for some people, but a domesticated elephant out of work is not a happy animal. When treated with respect and given the chance to work an elephant will be happy and healthy. More information on the welfare of elephants can be found here:

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