Booking Conditions & Covid

Fine print and details that matter

Booking Conditions & Covid

I know this stuff is kind of boring and very dry and who wants to read it anyway. But please have a look, especially at the details on covid, cancellations and deposits. These booking conditions only apply to tours you book directly through the website. For tours booked through another operator please refer to their booking conditions instead.

Tours Cancelled Due To Covid

In the event of a tour that cannot be run due to Covid-19 outbreaks, closed borders, or infection of a tour leader the tour will be rescheduled to a later date and full credit will be offered to all customers to rebook onto the next date. Often you will be allowed to transfer to another tour itinerary, so long as that tour can also be booked directly through this website. We make every effort to ensure a tour goes ahead as planned and minimise disruption to our tour guests.

Covid Compliance On Tour

It is a condition of travel that you comply with all local regulations and public health advice. This includes government mandates and any requirements requested by your tour leaders. It is a requirement of travel that you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19. If you test positive for Covid-19 you must isolate from the group at your own expense. We will enadeavour to help you directly or with the support of our local ground teams, but all costs associated with compliance are your responsibility.

Non-refundable Deposits

Booking deposits are deemed non-refundable. If you cancel off a tour and we are able to replace your spot with another booking, we will return your deposit minus any bank charges and admin costs. The earlier you notify of a booking the better the chance that we can fill the vacancy. There are many reasons people may need to cancel a trip, and we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance as soon as you book the tour, as this will cover you for many circumstances that might prevent you from joining – such as sustaining an injury in the days before scheduled travel.

Travel Insurance

It is a requirement of travel that you carry full travel insurance. Flying home early with a fractured ankle not only can ruin your holiday, but can ruin your credit cards too. If you need to leave the tour due to illness or an accident, we want to make sure you have the necessary resources to get home safely. Travel insurance will cover things such as hospital visits, change of flights and emergency extraction if required.

Please check carefully with your insurance to determine what is and isn't covered, especailly in regards to covid.


The participant agrees to indemnify Ewen Bell, his company, tour operators, local agents and team members in relation to any liability, loss and damage which may incur as a result of the participants, negligence or misconduct during the tour. Smoking is not permitted on vehicles or in accommodation during the course of the tour. The participant agrees and understands that some activities on tour can be hazardous, including but limited to hiking, biking, swimming, snowmobiles, frozen lakes, rivers, ocean waves, volcanoes, glaciers, ice caves, wildlife, safari drives, tented camps, dog-sledding and fire shows. The participant also agrees to indemnify Ewen Bell, his company, tour operators, local agents and team members for any damage incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant.

Changes to Itinerary

We do our very best to deliver what we offer in the brochure. Sometimes changes are necessary due to ground operators, accommodation, business closures, weather conditions, etc. We reserve the right to make changes to destinations, accommodation and transport arrangements as needed. It is rare we alter the itinerary of a tour but there are times when it is essential.

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