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This is where you'll find picture books made by Ewen Bell, including his guide for photographers on the go called Photography For Travellers. Lots of pictures, lots of advice, and some in ebook format too. Most of these books were compiled as presents for my lovely clients, kind tour operators or even for family. They are not sold so I can get rich, just so I can share how beautiful the world is.

Photography for Travellers

My bible for photography beyond the confines of a studio. Go slow. Get closer. Look for the light. Creativity and expression are my main themes, because the camera is like a paintbrush that reveals the character of the artist.

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Rice & Dragons

My trip to Bhutan in 2013 was shot on a little Fujifilm X-M1 and a couple of prime lenses. I wanted to see how far I could push the smaller format, and was very pleasantly surprised. I made a photo book to send back to Fujifilm, to say thanks.

See Bhutan


Yiran was my favourite tour leader ever, a language student who made our travels in China something special. This book was specially made for her as a present when she left our team to start a family and a new life.

See Yiran's China

The Elephant Camp

The companion book to my award winning exhibition at the 2011 Ballarat International Foto Bienalle. Elephants and their mahouts as photographed in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

See the Elephants

Passage of the Penguins

There are so many penguins in Antarctica it's crazy. You don't need to worry about getting close to them either, they will come and say hello. This book was produced for our travellers on a trip south to East Antarctica.

See the Ice

Silk Road

My first trip along the Silk Road was back in 2008 but still lives on as a special journey for me. I made this book to say thanks to my tour team who made it possible.

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Wrangel Island

One of my most unique journeys ever, sailing across the far east of Russia and into the Chukchi Sea in search of polar bears, puffins and walrus. This book takes the ships log from the journey and pairs it up with my images from each day. Huge thanks to Heritage Expeditions for the chance to document this adventure.

Across the Top of the World


Not so long ago Guizhou was a secluded haven for ethnic minorities, a remarkable place for photographers to visit. I was fortunate enough to travel there twice on and put together this book as a thankyou to the China team who made it possible. Follow the link and you can download a PDF of the book for FREE. It's my gift to everyone who has supported my website.

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Scene in Victoria

One of my great joys in recent years has been travelling closer to home and seeing my own back yard. I made this book in 2009 after a few months of shooting editorial pics. Might be time for another really.

See Victoria


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Ewen Bell's other website is called "Photography for Travellers", an online guide rich in features both practical and philosophical. Field guides to wonderful locations, insights into techniques plus inspiring idea to help you think differently about the art of photography.

Photography for Travellers

Ewen's guiding principles are simple...
"Go slow. Get closer. Look for the light."


"Photography is about showing other people how to see, to share the beauty of life. It's not a job, it's a lifestyle. We only get one lifetime, one chance to add some light into the world. Photography competitions are mostly silly. Cats are excellent."



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