Workshop Testimonial

A few words from Danie Pout

Workshop Testimonial
from Danie Pout

We asked Danie Pout for a paragraph of testimonial on the workshop experience she shared with us in Daylesford, and this is what she wrote :)

Feedback from Danie Pout

2021 Daylesford Food Photography Workshop

I was so, so excited to finally go to the Food Photography Workshop in Daylesford. I had been waiting for two years! (The first year I missed out and the second year was cancelled due to the pandemic lockdown).

The weekend was more than I could have imagined. Such a beautiful farmhouse in Daylesford that was very luxe! And the most gorgeous people! I felt a little shy at first as I did not know anyone, however everybody was so friendly and easy to talk with. I had some wonderful individual conversations over the four days.

Shellie and Ewen are just fabulous! They are incredibly generous hosts and teachers. I was totally blown away with the meals that Shellie prepared. The food was beautiful looking and absolutely delicious. I somehow forgot that not only would we photograph the food we would be eating it too! Wow! Such a feast! I also loved watching Shellie cook and chatting to her in the kitchen. All my foodie dreams were realised!

I was so impressed with the planning of the workshop. Ewen presented tutorials from his computer via a large TV screen - this made it easy for all of us to view comfortably and make our own notes and ask questions. Additionally there were numerous demonstrations where Ewen would follow up with individual attention for us all.

Ewen is a wonderful teacher, especially when helping with our troubleshooting! I was struggling with compatibility issues with connecting my camera and new laptop. I was desperate to make it work as I was especially interested in learning flash photography and tethering with my new laptop. Ewen was incredibly patient and sensed my desperation (almost in tears!) We got there in the end and I could not be more thankful for Ewen’s kindness.

I enjoyed Shellie’s demonstration on styling with her recommendations for tableware and props. This was followed by a great photo session where we could photograph the props and desserts ourselves.

What I found most helpful in the workshop was the composition tips regarding ‘layering’ and photographing from different angles and distances. This is something I will always remember - it was awesome watching how everyone else approached the subject in their own way. Often as a photographer you are photographing alone and you don’t get to see how other’s interpret the same subject. This was a great reminder to ‘keep shooting’ there’s so many possibilities!

I also loved our outings. It was a great opportunity to practice some ‘lifestyle’ shots, including buildings, markets, landscape, people and animals! I appreciated all the great tips along the way. I especially loved photographing the pigs at the farm :)

Thank you Shellie and Ewen for providing such a rich and personal learning experience that I am so very grateful to have experienced!


Meet Danie :)



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