Dragon Rapide DH89A

Lady Penrhyn / Australia

May 2013

HCD 24
1/125th @ f/4.8
ISO 200
Hasselblad H5D-50

Dragon Rapide DH89A

Lady Penrhyn / Australia
27 images

Three decades of restoration work has brought this Dehavilland DH89A Dragon Rapide back to her former glory. Maurice Rolfe is the man behind the machine, whose dedication and skill now sees this 1944 built aircraft finally ready to fly again.

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Behind The Scenes

When I write reviews for Digital Photography magazine I like to couple the right subject with the camera, so what better to photograph with a lovely new Hasselblad H5D than a lovely old aircraft at the end of her restoration. The mix of old and new adds something special to the collection, and I hope this archive of fine images will prove as enduring as Lady Penrhyn herself. Hence there are very unglamorous pictures of the engine and cockpit included in this collection.

A special mention to Trevor Cole who popped by on the day, a man who has spent much of his time in recent decades working on the aircraft with Maurice Rolfe.

You may also notice a few frames in the photo essay of the interior, the engine and the fabric of the aircraft. The DH89a has a timber frame covered in fabric. The silver finish that catches the sun in these shots gives an impression of solidity that betrays the light weight construction beneath.

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