Tonga / Haapai

“Ha'apai Tonga”

XF18mmF2 R
1/4000th @ f/2.0
ISO 200


Tonga / Haapai
41 images

I was lucky enough to spend a little time chasing whales in Tonga one year. I don't shoot underwater, so I decided just to take my teeny tiny Fuji XM1. I only owned two lenses for it, the 18mm and 35mm. So that's what I shot. Tonga had just recovered from a cyclone a few months before, which means a lot of staple fruit supplies were still missing. Today I think about how they might be coping with a blanket of volcanic ash, loss of communications and sudden tsunamis sweeping through the coral and islands.

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Behind The Scenes

Shout out to the folks at Sandy Beach Resort and Matafonua Lodge. They're good neighbours for the local communities and the environment.


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