Inside Kenya

Kenya / Brochure Shoot

“Lioness in Masai Mara”
November 2005

1/640th @ f/5.6
ISO 320
Canon EOS 5D

Inside Kenya

Kenya / Brochure Shoot
32 images

This was my very first commission in Africa and turned out to be quite a journey. My wildlife camera died on the first day but thankfully I had a spare body to enjoy the experience through the lens. Am very grateful to David Bowen for getting me on this shoot and all the great things that flowed from that experience.

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Behind The Scenes

This was no special photography adventure, just a regular week-long safari holiday with GAP Adventures. This images here were part of a series taken for their brochure, shot in 2005 with a Canon 5D and a 70-200mm lens. I was carrying a 'wildlife camera' as well, but it died on day one of my tour. Two camera bodies is not a luxury on commercial shoots, it's a necessity!

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