The Albatross

Antarctica / Wild Places / Albatross of the Sub-Antarctic Islands

“Bullers Albatross off The Snares”
December 2009

1/160th @ f/11.0
ISO 100
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Albatross

Antarctica / Wild Places / Albatross of the Sub-Antarctic Islands
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The islands south of New Zealand and north of Antarctica provide a unique home for these birds. Remote habitats with few predators plus strong winds that favour their large wing spans make it a happy home. Wandering Albatross have the largest wing-span of any bird, reaching over 3metres, yet smaller albatross in the Mollymawk family are no less charming.

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Behind The Scenes

Thanks to Heritage Expeditions who sponsored these voyages to the Sub-Antarctic Islands of Australia and New Zealand. Meeting these beautiful birds in their own habitat was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my lifetime...

Read my guide to photographing albatross from the deck of a cruise ship at Photography for Travellers: "A few days sailing the Southern Ocean is a journey that at first glance holds few photographic opportunities. But even in open waters, the company of sea-birds and a reasonable telephoto lens can provide rich inspiration to the creative photographer."

And here's another 1500 images from the Sub-Antarctic Islands...

If you like these pics then you might like a copy of my book called "passage of the penguins", a unique account of our journey in December 2010 as a memento for our onboard travellers...

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