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ReIMAGINE - The Podcast

This podcast was a series of conversations in early 2020, inspired by the chapters of the book ReIMAGINE. The podcast series explored ideas and philosophies on photography and how these ideas can bring creativity to your expression.

We had a good run with the ReImagine podcast, but it's been deleted by Soundcloud when we stopped subscribing. So that's a shame. I've linked to the original MP3 files for a few epsiodes here if you want to have a listen though. Enjoy.

SP1 / Auroras from Norway
This podcast was recorded while on the road in Arctic Norway. We want to bring you along to experience the challenge of capturing the Northern Lights deep inside the Arctic Circle where the temperatures are well below zero. Join us for our aurora chase in The Arctic, as we spend two weeks photographing the Northern Lights.

Why Competitions Suck
Welcome to the first episode of the “ReIMAGINE” podcast, where we explore the philosophy of photography. This episode we’re exploring photography competitions and why they suck.

Why We Ask First
What's more important, to get permission or to get the shot? What if getting permission *IS* the best wasy to get the shot? A version of this conversation happens on every photo tour. The idea within is powerful and can really transform your ability to photograph people.

Getting It Wrong
Perfection is the antithesis of creativity and making mistakes is an essential part of learning. The path to success is through your failures, not around them. How to get it wrong in the best possible way.

Slow Shutter Photography
We talk a little bit about the practicalities of slow shutter work, but also want to give you inspiration as to *why* you might want to give it a go. We look at all the gear that is essential to slow shutter photography, and then get to grips with star trails, auroras, and working waterfalls and seascapes.

A big conversation about small birds. How to focus your creativity on our feathered friends, and what techniques can help improve your luck with the camera.

Panos with Ian
This episode of ReIMAGINE we’re talking about stitching panoramas together, with Ian Rolfe. He’s just launched a new youtube channel to share his secrets and inspiration. We talk to Ian about techniques for processing panos, shooting them and simply seeing their potential in a landscape moment.

Digital Darkroom
Capturing images is only half the job. Processing is essential. This chapter is not so much about HOW to process but WHY to process. Learning to love the Digital Darkroom explores the joy of digital imaging and the power of the RAW file. We also look at what you need to make the most of processing files, including hardware and software, plus a special chat about backing up your hard drives.

Inclusive Frames of Mind
"Inclusive frame of mind” is a technique I teach to people to improve their compositions, as an antidote to that tendency to crop too tight. We often end up focusing too much on what we want out of the frame, and not enough on what we want IN the frame. You have to get off that track to get results, and embracing the idea of being more inclusive is the key ingredient.

09 - Pointlessly Lovely
This episode we talk about the deeper meaning of art in photography, and capturing with a conceptual foundation. Taking photography beyond the lovely and into the expressive.

The Image Gap
Today we’re talking about the IMAGE GAP, and it’s many forms. Sometimes it’s the gap between your skills and your ambition. Sometimes it’s the gap between reality and photography. Often it’s the gap bap between the world you see on social media, and the world we really live in. How do we recognise the gaps, and how do we overcome them?

Less is More
This episode we’re talking about curation of images. The process of culling, selecting and rejecting your photos is a difficult step in presenting work. The book chapter is called “Less is more”. We seek the balance between too little and too much.

Life After The Shutter
This episode we’re looking at a chapter called “Life After The Shutter”, and the idea of getting those images off the hard drive and into the world. Our discussion looks at why the printed image is so much more powerful than the digital, and why this matters in both the camera club and the commercial world.

Depth of Field
This episode we’re chatting about “shallow depth of field” and why it’s such a powerful creative tool for photographers. What do you need to make it work, and what hurdles stand in your way to master the art of fine focus? We’ll talk about fast lenses and wide lenses, and where the two come together to make a little magic.

The One Essential Food Shot
Welcome to the ReIMAGINE podcast with Ewen Bell, and Shellie Froidevaux. This episode we’re chatting about food photography and how to capture that “one essential food shot”. Shellie and I run an annual food photography workshop to teach skills to other photographers and professionals. We also just released our own cookbook in time for Christmas, called Cabin Fever Cookbook, which is 426 pages of Arctic Scandinavia and lots of gorgeous cabins in the wilderness where we perfected the art of cooking for a big group of people.

The Book

This is the book that started it all. 264 pages of inspiration and information to bring creativity and purpose to your photography.

ReIMAGINE - The Book