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A few samples of where Ewen's photography has appeared in the media. Apologies in advance that this page is hard to keep up to date, but you'll see a good smattering of styles here, images taken from every continent on the globe and published in some of my favourite outlets. Inflight magazines. Sunday papers. Gourmet glossies. Lifetstyle editorial. Adventure and beyond.


National and Syndicated / Links to the online versions of feature articles that have appeared in nationally across Australia with Fairfax and News Ltd travel sections...

The Snow Men in Swedish Lapland
Cook Islands with Vacations & Travel
Where the Elephant is King
For the Love of Elephants
Northern Lights in Norway and Sweden
Ice and Spice in Stockholm
Swimming with the Whales in Tonga
World's Greatest Photographic Destinations
Jokkmokk Winter Market - Sweden
Streets of Yangon - Myanmar
Swimming with Minkes - Great Barrier Reef
Polar Bears on Wrangel Island - Russia
Kingdom in the sky - Bhutan
Cable from Luzern - Switzerland
The Great Barrier Reef - Australia
Billy Law Gourmet Tour - Malaysia
Rattling Red Train - Moscow
Sky High Cycling - Nepal
Diving out of Sight - Sulawesi
Jumbo Set in Laos - The Elephant Express
The Truth About Ducks and Geese
Southern Ocean Adventure
Mornington Cycle & Wine
A Baguette For My Basket
Pedalling in Provence
Trekking with the Llamas
Something Fishy in Bergen
Laneways of Melbourne
Reindeers are Racing
Summer Adventures in Lappland
Asia's Best Eats on the Street
Secrets of the Panda
Elephant in my Tuk Tuk
Tea Time in Hong Kong
More Zen for your Yen
Japanese Gardens
Flowers of Hanoi
Cheetahs on the Run
Unique RT Trips
Kayaks on the Katherine
Junk Driving
Shanghai's Surprise
Wings of a butterfly in Vietnam
Penang's flavours of Asia
Seduced by Santorini
Sailing the Greek Islands
Blooming in Borneo



A decade of publications in the travel media. I loved this part of my life, learning the art of travel and getting just a little too familiar with the industry behind it. I had a good run. I still dabble in the travel media when inspiration grabs me.



Image Libraries
Ewen's work is currently featured in the image libraries for Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria, Tourism NT and Visit Helsinki. Most of his current images are online and searchable for editors and publishers, a collection numbering in excess of 50,000 images. Please contact Ewen directly to obtain the link and access codes. In the meantime...
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Ewen Bell's other website is called "Photography for Travellers", an online guide rich in features both practical and philosophical. Field guides to wonderful locations, insights into techniques plus inspiring idea to help you think differently about the art of photography.

Photography for Travellers

Ewen's guiding principles are simple...
"Go slow. Get closer. Look for the light."


"Photography is about showing other people how to see, to share the beauty of life. It's not a job, it's a lifestyle. We only get one lifetime, one chance to add some light into the world. Photography competitions are mostly silly. Cats are excellent."



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