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Walk With Me

Ewen Bell walks through a series of photos, taken while walking local parks with camera in hand. Each video reveals insights into processing those images as well as insights into the experience of capturing them. Birds and flowers will be the main focus for this series. Ewen wants to share the joy of taking a camera for a walk in the park and making beautiful images along the way.

October 2021
This edition features the Superb Fairy Wrens located at Westgate Park in Melbourne. It's spring time and the boys are more concerned with impressing the ladies than being shy of my camera. It's also the first episode uploaded in 4K for additional clarity :)

September 2021
Join me for the second part of our walk through Melbourne's Studley Park, this time to get up close with the Red-Rumped Parrot and Rainbow Lorikeets.

September 2021
Join me for a walk in Melbourne's Studley Park to meet the Kookaburras. Part one of this "Walk With Me" gets up close with a family feeding their teenagers.

August 2021
Welcome to the first edition of "Walk With Me"! Join me for a walk through Royal Park in Melbourne to meet the Forty Spotted Pardalote, New-Holland Honeyeater, and a few of the local wattles.


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