Bushfire Appeal 2020

Bushfire Appeal 2020

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About The Book

Every book sale for the month of January will be donated IN FULL to assist wildlife and habitat recovery.

Koalas & Cockatoos

Over a billion animals and 10 million hectares of wilderness have been lost in the bushfires. I'm donating copies of my new photography book to raise funds for our wildlife and their habitats. When you buy a book the entire purchase price of $100 goes to the appeals listed below. No caps or limits, and I cover the bank fees too.

My goal is $10,000, or 100 books, but if I can go better than 100 then fabulous - I'll donate every book I have in stock. Please help me to raise money, and get yourself a great photography book in the process.

Make A Difference

In 1983 my grandmother lost her home in the Ash Wednesday fires. The house was made of of stone and brick, but little more than dust remained after the fire passed through. My memories of the fires, the smoke and the sound of helicopters is something I will never forget.

As dreadful as Ash Wednesday was, this years bushfires are far more terrifying. The scale and force of the devastation is unlike anything we've seen in Australia before. The impact on lives and communities in every state has been devastating. For our wildlife, the impacts may be even worse. Habitat destruction is the biggest factor in species extinction today, and we have just lost millions of hectares of native bush.

I know $10,000 won't bring back the animals that perished in the fires, but I have to do something. The only response I can offer to such disaster is to try and support those who are protecting our wildlife and habitats. I have selected a few organisations to support, each of which are doing something special and each of which can use the money wisely. So please help me to help our wildlife.

Learn About The Book

Have a read of my webpage for the book
and see what you're getting in exchange for
helping our wildlife and habitat.

About The Book
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Further Reading on Wildlife and the Fires

I've been supporting the Climate Council and Birdlife Australia for many years. Their campaigns are worth donating to as well.
One Billion
At least a billion animals have died in the bushfires this summer. So far. We need to do everything we can to protect those who survived.
Arid Recovery
Some great advice on how to DIY a water supply for wildlife, a slow release water source that can keep your local creatures alive through the summer.
Black Saturday
The nature of bushfires is changing, dramatically. This documentary on the 2009 Black Saturday fires gives us a better of idea of what is changing in our world.
Stirling Ranges
I spent several years of high school living in this part of WA and the habitat loss from this fire is deeply tragic.
Rachel Mounsey in Mallacoota photographed the bodies of deceased birds as they washed up on the beach. A stark and sad collection of the wildlife we don't see during a bushfire.
The people who dedicate their lives to creating wildlife sanctuaries are remarkable folks. Many sanctuaries across Australia need our help right now.
Here's a story on what our wildlife does to try and stay alive during a bushfire, and what they face in the aftermath.