Cameras and Tigers

Photo Tour / Bhutan / Himalayas

“Tigers Nest - Taktsang”
March 2015

1/1000th @ f/
ISO 400

Cameras and Tigers

Photo Tour / Bhutan / Himalayas
72 images

This set of images is a little induglent, a collection of images from my most recent journey across Bhutan. It covers the early morning climb to shoot Taktsang, the snow capped peaks of Gasa and the festival in Punakha. I regard this as one of my best journeys ever, that perfect mix of experience and excitement. I only visit Bhutan once a year because I want it to remain special for me, and each year it's like rediscovering an old friend. Few people get a chance to see Bhutan in such depth ans splendour, and with the help of some fabulous people such as Rinzi and Tshering we found ourselves blessed with opportunity and inspiration. Thanks guys.

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Behind The Scenes

Have a look on instagram to see how this journey unfolded along the road. Snap by snap of the 2 week trip...

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