Chaos in Kathmandu

Nepal - Kathmandu Valley

March 2011

1/1250th @ f/5.6
ISO 100
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Chaos in Kathmandu

Nepal - Kathmandu Valley
46 images

Kathmandu is not a small town yet it still retains its unique character. A blend of Buddhism and Hindu devotion taints the daily life of residents, for the better. If all you see if Kathmandu are the souvenir filled streets of Thamel, then you haven't seen Kathmandu yet. The temples, holy men, smiling vendors and crazy taxi drivers are essential to the vibrance and persistance of the city. This town posses a different kind of beautiful.

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Behind The Scenes

The skies of Kathmandu are rarely clear, with a heavy haze that hangs over the valley while it holds back the sun. Light has to beat its way through the morning mist some days, but that just makes it better for photographers. This is the city where I start my photography tours in Nepal.

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