Tangbi to Jakar

Bhutan / Bumthang

September 2013

XF18mmF2 R
1/3500th @ f/2.0
ISO 200

Tangbi to Jakar

Bhutan / Bumthang
31 images

A landscape of powerful rivers, silent mountains and sacred temples. Central Bhutan is a long drive from the cities of Paro and Thimphu, a winding route that hugs the valleys. But a beautiful drive. You get a sense of the wilderness that is Bhutan, a taste of the forests and a glimpse of life in the Himalayas.

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Behind The Scenes

These photos were taken during the 2013 Bhutan Photo Tour. Every year I make one trip to Bhutan to immerse in the peacefulness of a nation.

You might be surprised also to know that all the photos shown here were taken on a Fujifilm X-M1, a mirrorless camera with interchangable lenses. I wanted to see just how far you can push these little units before craving a full frame DSLR. Turns out you can go a long way with this format.

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