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"Change your game by changing your perspective. These workshops range from 4 hours to 4 days, delivered online or on location."

Food Photography Workshop

Open to professionals and amateurs alike.
4-Day workshop with the extraordinary and lovely Shellie Froidevaux.

Taste It

Expedition Workshops

Hand crafted workshops aboard the expedition ship Heritage Adventurer.
Inspiring journeys in Australia, Japan and Antarctica.

Let's Explore

Change Your Photography

5-day experience to get you thinking differently about photography. Find your own photographic style and expression.

Private Groups Only

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eBooks and Curation

A special online program run for camera clubs looking to
help their members achieve greater creativity and expression

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For over a decade I've been designing ground-breaking tours and workshops. I want my companions to achieve their best and share their joy through photography.


February 12 Arctic Norway Photography Tour14 daysFully Booked
May 10 Food Photography Workshop4 daysFully Booked
May 24 Expedition Workshop – Art of Japan16 daysNew for 2024
August 21 Expedition Workshop – Kimberley Coast11 daysNew for 2024
October 18 Photo Tour in Nepal15 daysFully Booked
November 04 Ancient Annapurnas Photography Tour13 days
December 18 Expedition Workshop – Sub-Antarctic Islands12 daysNew for 2024
February 10 Arctic Norway Photography Tour14 daysFour Places Left
May 11 Food Photography Workshop4 days
October 13 Photo Tour in Nepal15 days
November 03 Ancient Annapurnas Photography Tour13 days
November 19 Bhutan Photography Tour15 days

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when they travel with us for a workshop or a tour.
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Photography Tours with Ewen

Ewen Bell

Leading and designing tours since 2005. Experience is everything.

Editorial photographer, journalist and author of the book "ReIMAGINE". Ewen has spent over a decade running photo tours and workshops in Australia, the Arctic and Asia. Ewen will share his knowledge on any aspect of photography you wish to explore, from careers to cameras to salted caramel macarons.

Check out the Photo Tours

Here's a sample of some of our previous workshops, many of which are still possible to schedule for private groups:

  Flinders Ranges
  Laos for Foodies
  Agrarian Kitchen
  Laos Art of Monks

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