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Welcome to my philosophy of photography. Sharing images is an act of expression, so let your voice be heard. The camera is your path to creativity.

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Cabin Fever


We're just back from Nepal and our hard drives are choc full of luscious images from the lower valleys in spring-time, and the majestic Annapurna Ranges. We had a great group of companions and some magic moments with the camera.

Take a look at the latest video we made for Be Your Best Tours.
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Why Is More Important Than How

Why Is More Important Than How

Sometimes we focus too much on the style and not enough on substance. What motivates us to capture images is far important than the camera itself.

LUMIX GH6 Custom Settings

LUMIX GH6 Custom Settings

If you're new to the GH6 or new to the custom dial on the camera, this primer will get you moving quickly to set and reset your baseline and access a wide range of this camera's features.

No Bystanders

No Bystanders

It can be very very difficult to connect with people, to crack open a gap and peer inside the lives of others. It demands patience and honesty. There is no camera upgrade or new technology to make it easier.

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Take A Walk With Me

Ewen Bell walks through a series of photos, taken while walking local parks with camera in hand. Each video reveals insights into processing those images as well as insights into the experience of capturing them. Birds and flowers will be the main focus for this series. Ewen wants to share the joy of taking a camera for a walk in the park and making beautiful images along the way.

(Now available in 4K via YouTube)