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September 2015

1/3200th @ f/2.0
ISO 100
Canon EOS 5DS R

Andris Envy
The world is full of talented photographers but every now and then you see something that makes you truly humble. The limited edition trilogy of Fiordland books presented by Andris Apse is a unique offering filled with remarkable images. It also costs more than my 70-200mm lens.

The Photography Blog

Andris Apse doesn't do much in the way of blogging. He's a landscape photographer in the old school of the art. Spend long days in remote locations carrying heavy gear. Do this for a decade and you gather up a fraction of the frames to pull together in a book. Lovely.

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

His work concentrates on New Zealand, and largely to the south. As far south as Antarctica in fact. What makes Adris' images notable are their elegance and diversity. There's a tendency for landscape galleries to present a lot of similar material - it's the nature of the subject in some ways. Really great photographers manage to find a wide palette of colours, variety of subjects and unique perspectives.

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Andris has a few websites featuring his talent, visit this one for a breathtaking view of the South Island's Fiordland region:

Andris Apse - Fiordland
45 x 32 cm. Cloth Cover, boxed.
3 Books, 60 Images
Special Limited Edition.

Slightly more affordable for the average enthusiast with an interest in landscape photography is Andris' book called "Light and Landscape" :

Light and Landscape
38 x 28 cm. Hard Cover. Cloth Bound.
In Presentation Slipcase. 151 pages, 105 images. Signed by Andris Apse.
Text by Robbie Burton.
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