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Dumbing Down the Trickle Down

We spend less on education across the decades. And create a spiral of social decay with each generation. Australia watches another generation enter our society ill-equipped to cope with the power of marketing, spin and bullshit media. They grow up thinking "A Current Affair" is a source of news and information. They grow believing "subway" is health food. They grow up fearing foreigners and...

Keep Left. Safety Zone.

There are two motivations for people at a refugee rally, those who connect directly with a sense of discrimination and injustice, then those who feel directly the plight of the refugees themselves.  I didn't know what I hoped to achieve by attending the rally in Melbourne, I just wanted to be counted and blurting outrage on social media wasn't going to cut it. Marching in Bourke St...

Cheaper. Kinder. Smarter.

The idea of being able to "Stop the boats" is akin to zero tolerance on drugs, prohibition of alcohol, or teenage abstinence. Governments cannot regulate human behaviour, especially when the humans haven't even reached your shores yet. There has been a massive rise in displaced persons around the world in recent years. This means more people seeking asylum globally. This means more refugees...

730 Pre-Recorded

Dear ABC & 730 Report, This week the 730 Report aired a pre-recorded interview with Tony Abbott, conducted by Chris Uhlmann. The absence of any questions regarding the hot topic of the day, the alleged $9400 error in Mr Abbott's expense claims, was quite startling. In fact the entire interview came across as a highly 'managed' process, as though Tony was only answering pre-approved questions....

The Ultimate Test of an Airline

I've always said that you should judge an airline by how they handle it when stuff goes wrong. China Southern are now in my good books of airlines I can trust when things get sticky. These guys made a spectacular effort while flying through Guangzhou, turning what could have been a really really bad day into a happy return home. Myself and a travelling companion were checking-in from the...

How To Succeed In Publishing

For two decades News Ltd has been successful at one thing, being more efficient. Their entire organisation has been lead by Uncle Rupert towards leaner and more profitable business practices that deliver returns to their share holders. To this day efficiency is the primary focus of the management. The trouble with this model is that eventually something else comes along that is an order of...

Donkey Love

From a Chinese website encouraging the use of Donkey Carts in the city of Turpan. It made me giggle. "When traveling in Turpan, you can take a donkey car to go around. It will make you feel another world. It will make you feel very romantic if you sit with your lover. Sitting and singing in the donkey car can make you relax yourself to the most. All the busy work and all the boring housework...

Save The Ice Berg

Yesterday I was lucky enough to listen to the 2011 CBC Massey Lecture on Winter. With Adam Gopnik. Inspiring and intensely thoughtful. Liberating even. It touched on almost every aspect of life on earth and our future ahead. I loved the reference to Elizabeth Bishop, and her poem "We'd rather have the iceberg than the ship." It works on so many levels. http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/episodes/...




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