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Where the wilderness meets man, the camera helps us to become a friend to nature.

Western Gerygone

Hard bird to pronounce, even harder to photograph. They move so very fast and are so very very small. This feature introduces you to the life of this very little bird and my pursuit of capturing one in flight.

Sunbirds in the Carpark

If your goal is to catch great photos of birds, your best opportunities might be easier to access than you imagined.

The Mistletoebird

Meet the Mistletoebird, a very small but quite amazing little song bird.

Lumix G9 in Kenya

Review of the new Lumix after field testing for two weeks on safari, chasing big game and small.

Jambo Tweet Jambo

Some of the best game drives in Kenya are not actually about Lions and Leopards, but the very small creatures that bounce about between trees and shrubs. It was the bird life in Kenya that really took my breath away on my two week safari in Kenya.

Art of Birds

There are two distinct goals in my bird photography. The first is just to get a damned shot of the bird. The second is create a little art in the process. The two objectives are typically at odds with each other, yet one does follow the other.

Cruising for Albatross

A few days sailing the Southern Ocean is a journey that at first glance holds few photographic opportunities. But even in open waters the company of sea-birds and a reasonable telephoto lens can provide rich inspiration to the creative photographer.

Samburu Survival

Samburu National Reserve is not as well known as the big African game parks. There are no annual migrations, no balloon rides above the savannas and no eighteen wheeler trucks filled with Spanish overland tourists.

Life on the Ice

Contrary to what you may have seen at the movies there are very few penguins that dance or sing, but Antarctica can boast over 10 million that squawk, waddle and bicker.