Norway Winter
Landscape Photography

The stunning winter wonderland of Tromso and Lofoten shared with a decade of Arctic photographic experience. Don't miss this truly beautiful photographic adventure.

Norway Winterscapes Photographic Workshop

Join us for 14 days of winter wonderland in Arctic Norway. Charming fishing cottages and dramatic coastal scenery will be your reward for this adventure. A unique and charming immersion into the rugged landscapes of Tromso, Senja & Lofoten, with the help of local experts and two profressional Photographers.

February 27 - March 11, 2020
Maximum group size of 8, priced at AU$13,888


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Feb 27/28/29 - Tromso
Our home for these three days are some lovely cabins to the west of Tromso, right on the water. It's a remarkably peaceful part of the coast and ideal for chasing auroras should we get clear conditions at night. We've picked out some exceptional locations to photograph around the islands of Kvaloya and Ringvassoya, plus we'll traverse into the city of Tromso and explore some of the fjords to the east of the hills. We want to ensure that everyone on the workshop has a chance to practise their night photography and adjust to shooting in the cold.

March 1/2/3 - Senja
We have a 4 hour drive to reach our next location, the remote coastline of Senja. Along the way we pass sweeping hills and quiet coastal communities, before hitting those dramatic plunging fjords that we love so much. The weather here can be equally dramatic, with sudden bursts of snow or breaking sunlight giving us different charms to photograph. We have also picked out some locations for Aurora photography on the nearby coastline. On our departure from Senja we make an overnight stop half way between Senja and Svolvaer to make the journey a little more comfortable.

March 4/5/6 - Henningsvaer
This little fishing village is out of the way but worth the diversion, with a narrow channel lined by boats and ship works. The village runs along a narrow spit of land that hangs off the main island, and surrounded by massive drying racks were salted cod is unloaded from the boats. We spend two nights in a contemporary hotel instead of cabins, but there are lots of gorgeous fishing cabins to photograph within metres of our rooms. We will also meet local photographer Vidar Johansen who operates an impressive gallery in the village, rich in Aurora art. He's lovely. Ian and myself have a handful of favourite locations to shoot sunset, in and nearby Henningsvaer, and look forward to sharing them.

March 7/8/9/10 - Leknes
The town of Leknes itself is not especially interesting, except for a fabulous bakery and a really lovely cafe, but the coastline to the north and south of this town hold some true gems. My personal favourites are Uttakleiv and Unstad, iconic beaches that are offer unique rock formations typical of Lofoten. We are a short drive from these locations in the event of a good Aurora showing, as well as a stunning beach that looks across to Flakstad. We have many good options.

While staying in Leknes we’ll also head south to the small enclave of fishing cottages that cling to the rocks in a calm bay near Reine. In addition, Sakrisøy and Hamnøy photographs marvellously well and is central to many many stunning scenes to fill up our last day of shooting. The local cafe in Reine is run by a friend of mine so we’ll be treated to coffee and cake!

March 11 - Departure
We leave the cabins at 10:00am to head to town and catch our flight from Leknes. We will have time to stop on the way for some Scandinavian style cinnamon scrolls. They are delicious.

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