Motion Video

Ewen's resources and guides for motion video on mirrorless systems.

Motion Video


Sometimes I write about capturing video instead of photos, especially now that our cameras are so good at doing both. Video is a lot of hard effort though, so I'm sharing a few insights into what has made a difference on my journey to incorporate more video into my work as a photographer.

4K for Minimalists

How much gear do you really need to get started with quality 4K video production? We tend to think that better video is about adding more gear, but smaller rigs and zero accessories is fast becoming the ultimate setup for engaging cinematography.

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Practical Philosophies

My Favie Magnetic Filter

From the studio to the harsh sunlight of Australia's North-West, I dragged my little pouch of magnetic ND filters around the country to find out which system works best. And found myself a new best friend in OKKO.

Take it Slow at the Night Market

Last week I shared a series of stills from the Queen Victoria Market, from the reopening of the Night Market. This time I've gone back with my very modest video rig to capture a slow-motion series using the high-speed ability of the Lumix G9 and a single lens.


YouTube and Beyond

Every month Ewen posts new stories and travel videos to YouTube. Click below for a look, or checkout some the work he and Shellie have done together in the samples below.

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