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November 2018

1/400th @ f/6.3
ISO 200
Lumix DC-G9

Doing Our Best
This week it's become official, I'm a co-founder of a travel company! Nobody is more surprised than me. Travel is my life, and my love.

The Photography Blog

This week it's become official, I'm a co-founder of a travel company! Nobody is more surprised than me.

My philosophy in life has been to "keep it small". My photo tours have always been operated to the smallest possible scale, with genuinely small groups and working with very small local operators. That intimate connection with my teams from Nepal to Norway has been the foundation of my tours and workshops. Small is good.

"Be Your Best Tours" is a big deal for me, albeit on a very small scale. With the help of Ingrid Huitema we're building a small set of walking and gourmet experiences. No more than ten trips in a year; large enough to build a business but small enough to enjoy it. Harmony, but with a touch of Himalayas! we want to share the very best of our travel experience, to create your very best travel experience. We'll do our best to help you be yours.

Sometimes that means hiking in nature. Pack-free hiking of course, with a nice room and hot meals at the end of every night. Sometimes that means immersing into the local gourmet culture, with a few light walks to burn off the rice. Sometime that means blessings from a monk, or standing beneath an aurora corona. Our tour designs are a direct reflection of what we love about this planet.

I've enjoyed my time travelling with a camera, and I want others to enjoy these places and share the moments of discovery while walking trails in the Lower Mustang, or attending festivals in Central Bhutan, or watching the Northern Lights over Norway. A joy shared is a joy doubled.

Please pop over to the website,, and take a look :)

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