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August 2021

LEICA DG 100-400/F4.0-6.3
1/250th @ f/6.3
ISO 200
Lumix DC-G9

See What I See
Introducing my new series of streaming videos you can enjoy at home, and see what I see after taking a walk in the park with camera in hand. See what I see as I walk through the images on my desktop and extract precious moments from the RAW files.

The Photography Blog

This pandemic has been a bombshell for my hopes of running workshops and tours. Not only have my wings been clipped, but I’m not getting much chance to drive about the state let alone across the border in search of lovely moments to capture. So my focus has been much closer to home. Mostly within 5kms in fact!

I wanted to share some of the joy of my daily walks. Maybe not every day because often I only have time to go around the block and get groceries. But some days I get a chance to really soak up the wilderness right here in my own city. And those days are the days I most want to share with you.

My first plan was elaborate. I’d shoot some video on location and capture the viewfinder through the HDMI output of my Lumix G9. The first problem is this plan could easily spoil a perfectly enjoyable walk! And that’s the opposite of what I’m about. The essence of my message is that bringing a camera to shoot a few birds is how I maximise my enjoyment.

My Lumix G9 is superbly carriable. It’s small. It’s light. And it takes sensational photos. It’s the perfect companion for a walk. Easy to pack away in your sling bag or messenger pack, and easy to grab when you see (or hear) something interesting.

So I've gone for the simpler solution, to walk you through the photos that I captured while out on my walk.

“Walk With Me” will be a series of videos based on my daily walks. I won’t post them daily, that would be very boring for you and me both! Just every few weeks when I get a special outing and some nice light. When I get home from a walk I'll sit down with the microphone and screen capture my session as I work through the RAW files.

You get to see the full picture. All the shots I throw away, the moments I missed, all the silly things I shot even though they were dead boring... plus my evaluation of the keepers and an insight into how I process the pics. I’m hoping it will inspire others to get out and take their camera for an urban stroll, or maybe even take a deeper interest in Bird Photography. I’m also hoping it encourages more people to appreciate what treasures are to be found in our natural environment. We’re living through a remarkable moment of history, with a pandemic and climate change threatening so much of what we hold dear. Habitats and wilderness are both more valued than ever, yet less protected than ever.

So come walk with me. Have a look inside my world of feathers, flowers and light.

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"Walk With Me"
This feature was last updated on Sunday 29th August 2021

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