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Summer Wine

The rural landscape of Victoria has been a haven for me and my photography in recent years, and my most recent trip to Rutherglen has reminded me of what makes the North-East of Victoria so special. Very old families making very good wines, but in a modern context and complimented with great cuisine and produce. Rutherglen also offers a beautifully flat horizon at sunset, with uninhibited access to the last gasp of light. Long shadows and deep reds, and some real gems for visitors who want a little pampering.

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November 2016

Stay Tasty Wangaratta

Food and wine in country Victoria just keeps getting better and better. Wangaratta is getting its fair share of the goodies too, with great cuisine and wine lists at restaurants like Rinaldo's and Watermarc. It's just Milawa, Bright and Beechworth serving up the fine times.

Photo Essay | 38 images | Fine Times in Wangaratta | Victoria

April 2012

Stay Classy Wangaratta

The Rural City of Wangaratta recently decided it was time to update their image library, and in the process it definitely updated my image of the town as well. So many lovely people, so much lovely food, plus the charms of nearby regions such as Milawa, Oxley and Glenrowan. Wine and sunshine were the main themes, with a little cycling and scenery thrown into the mix. Wangaratta is not a bad place to live at all.

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April 2012

Rutherglen in Red

This is the real Australia, a dry country with undisturbed views of the horizon and bold red wines that taste like they've been carved out of the landscape. Rutherglen is rich in character. Some truly fine wines live here, plus a few great eats. The landscape is golden except for the vines and river gums.

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March 2015

Packing Prosecco

Under the shade of river gums the Forges gather horses. Some are for riding, some are for loading up. Packing a horse was something of an art form in days gone by. You can even get a piano packed onto horses if you have to! Learning to pack a horse need not begin with a grand piano, so why not start with another local treasure in King Valley - Prosecco. Bottles of bubbles add a little pleasure to the task of learning to pack your horse.

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January 2014

Great Ocean Photos

Waterfalls and rugged coastline. A few of us headed for The Otways and Great Ocean Road to spend a few days shooting the sunsets and chasing koalas. Just for fun. Even on the darkest and most grey of cloudy days the last light on the Shipwreck Coast often throws up a blast of colour for the final few minutes. And those cloudy days are great for visiting places like Hopetoun Falls.

Photo Essay | 33 images | Shipwreck Coast | Victoria | Australia

April 2014

Daylesford Delicious

Indulgence is the theme for a long weekend in country Victoria, surrounded by some of the best produce in the state. Fine dining, great wines and lovely company. Indulgence meets inspiration as we spend the long weekend photographing dishes and ingredients, at the farm and in the kitchen.

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March 2013

Dal Zotto and Kings

One of the great treasures of rural Australia is the heritage of Italian migrants that lies hidden in North-East Victoria. It's not just food and wine, it's generations of traditional lifestyles and lovely people. This is where you find outstanding Prosecco. Dal Zotto is also where you can enjoy food equal to the wines. When can I go back please?

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May 2013

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