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West of Alice

You'll need more than a camera to photograph this part of the Australian Outback. A 4WD is a big help, plus a little desire to get out and walk. Mostly you need time, and after one short week of driving west of Alice Springs I wished I had a month. There's more than rocks and sand out here, rather a rich collection of landscapes where Ghost Gums and watering holes are joined by the Milky Way each night.

Photo Essay | 41 images | Australia | Outback | West MacDonnell Ranges

July 2011

Uluru and Kata Tjuta

The centre of Australia is a desert of colour. Sand is stained red with minerals, deep yellow flowers cascade off grevillea bushes and the sky is a flood of blue except for the occasional sunset where clouds throw back hues of orange and pink. In the middle of this colour palette is a massive rock, rising sharply from a rippled landscape. Each fold along it’s flanks have been drawn into stories by the local Anangu, like bookmarks in a library that has been standing long before there even was a desert. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are drama on a geological scale.

Photo Essay | 35 images | Uluru | Outback | Australia

July 2017

Outback and White

The colours of the Outback are usually pretty subtle, a landscape washed of nutrients over millions of years. This trip I got a craving for B&W instead, inspired by the winter sunshine and endless textures of the land. Most of all the people of the Outback inspire me, from the Tiwis to the Tanami.

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June 2012


About 5 hours north of Adelaide the landscape turns a shade of golden brown and dusty ochre. It's tough country for those who farm the land and can be pretty tough on the indigenous wildlife too. Ikara is the traditional name for what was called "The Flinders Ranges" by colonial settlers. As mountains go they are modest, having been worn down over millions of years to just a blip on the horizon. But within these subtle folds there are unique and beautiful ecosystems, attracting a wealth of flora and fauna.

Photo Essay | 55 images | Flinders Ranges | Outback | Australia

September 2017

Home Valley Station

Each year we fly into HV8 and spend a few days chasing sunsets and Boabs. Where the Gibb River glides past the Cockburn Ranges we wait for the last light of the day, shooting the red ridges of the distant ranges as they reflect off the water. Kununurra and surrounds are known for their massive Boab Trees, and Home Valley is no exception.

Photo Essay | 27 images | The Kimberleys | Outback | Australia

June 2013

Flinders Ranges

Hard to believe that all these images were taken over the space of four days. I've been shooting the Flinders Ranges for many years, and some of the locals have been at me to run a photo tour here all that time. So finally I did. With the help of Ian Rolfe we gathered a group of eager photographers and put together one of the best photography workshops ever. Nothing fancy, just stunning sunsets, sunrises and magnificent scenery. Big thanks to the folks in Parachilna for making this trip so wonderful.

Photo Essay | 80 images | Outback | South Australia | Australia

September 2015

Far Outback

Every year I get to run an amazing photographic adventure across the Outback. We have a private jet-prop that starts in Melbourne and finishes in Darwin. We fly high and fast, making good time between shoots. On the ground we have some wonderful people to ensure our group are treated like royalty, getting into position for the best light. This year we had a lot of interest in the birds too, big and small :)

Photo Essay | 72 images | Outback | Wild Places | Australia

July 2019

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