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May 2010

1/500th @ f/2.0
ISO 800
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

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China Photography Tour
Landscapes and people are just the beginning for this two week exploration in China. From the imperial elegance of Beijing's palaces to the hand ploughed fields of terraces in Guangxi. We take the time to enjoy the culture of China and immerse ourselves in a photographic feast. The people of China are as friendly as they are artistic - take inspiration to cultivate your own expression on the journey of a lifetime.

The Photography Blog

The China Photo Tour was the first trip designed between myself and Grasshopper Adventures. We've run it so often that I lose track of how many times I've visited the destinations, but we manage to find something new on every trip. Our familiarity with the region, the people and the culture make this a very comfortable travel experience - but also ensure we can get you deep into the culture and give you some insights that lead to better photographs.

Each year we make a few small adjustments to the itinerary, to keep pace with changes in the Chinese tourism industry. No two trips are the same. When we first began this trip we had three trips in the first year, but now we do it just once a year. I like to keep the excitement and passion for a tour, so I run them just once a year and look forward to seeing old friends and new travellers each time. I also enjoy seeing many other parts of China each year, so I try schedule an annual Research Trip in China as well.

As an introduction to China this tour is perfect. We begin in Beijing and finish in Shanghai, but venture far and wide to shoot the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Ethnic Minorities, and much much more. The travel in comfortable in China, with very fast trains, a massive network of airlines and experienced local operators to provide support for our groups. The food is also fantastic, and our travellers always return home surprised to discover just how delicious real Chinese food is (and how different it is to their experience of Chinese cuisine at home).

This is also a great introduction to Ewen Bell's photo tours and style of travel. A well planned itinerary helps to ensure that you spend your time shooting pictures and learning about the art of photography. The group is very small to ensure you have good access to the instructing photographer. And the journey itself is abundant with inspiration, a series of engaging destinations that encourage your expression.

The people of China are what make this trip special, and their natural generosity to share a smile for your camera. Sharing a photographic journey in a small group of 8 photographers makes the experience even better. Enough of a group to enjoy their companionship, but small enough to be free to do your own thing. We allow plenty of time during the travels for solo exploration, or to steal a few hours of one-on-one time with the instructor.

If you only ever see China once in your life then this is a great way to do it. Photographers can also bring their partners along to share the holiday, and we find couples enjoy the slow paced itinerary for more than just the superior opportunities to take photos.

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This tour is operated and run by Grasshopper Adventures. Ewen has worked with Grasshopper since 2005 to design unique photo tour experiences, specialising in very small groups and very local knowledge of the destinations.

Itinerary in Brief:

Days 1-4 Beijing
The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace
Days 5-6 Xi'an
Terracotta Warriors, Muslim Quarter
Days 7-9 Yangshuo
Karst Mountains, Cooking School, River Cruise, Bike Ride
Days 10-11 Rice Terraces
Ethnic Minorities, Rice Terrace Walks
Days 12-15 Shanghai
Water Towns, The Bund, Jin Mao Building
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