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I don't run many tours and workshops each year, so I make sure those few are really something special.

Expedition Photography Workshops

I’m changing my mix of photography tours and workshops. From 2024, I’m going to be adding a really big ship into the mix. A very lovely big boat that specialises in expedition cruising, and creating unique opportunities for people who love their photography.

Expedition FAQ

This FAQ is for anyone contemplating joining me on an expedition workshop to explore their photography, and explore some amazing parts of the world with me and Heritage Expeditions.

Cooked the Books

Each year Shellie designs a unique menu for our food photography workshop, and then publishes the recipes online for everyone to enjoy. Even if you didn't make it to this years event, you can still get a taste of our workshops in your own kitchen.

Last Minute Workshop

The recent lockdowns have caused havoc with our workshop schedule, but that might be good news if you're looking for a last minute slot on a truly wonderful workshop experience :) My brand new workshop concept is called "CHANGE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY" and the name says it all.

Taking it Offline

Online is necessary. Offline is essential.

Fiona and Sharon in Norway

The best thing about getting feedback from my travellers is the way it lets me re-live the moments from a journey. The 2020 Arctic Norway trip was really special because we had such a lovely group of people and so many great experiences. The weather was some of the least helpful we've ever had on a tour, and yet we still got exactly what we came for. The Aurora Borealis.

Norway Off The Dial

Trip report from our adventures in Arctic Norway. This year was an exceptional adventure and one we will treasure for a lifetime.

The Bus Is Better

I recently got asked the question about why I use a bus instead of cars for the Bhutan trips. Buses are ugly and at first glance don't look like a luxury option, so I get why this question comes up. I’ve done it both ways and have learned through experience that it’s waaaaay better to run my tours in Bhutan with one big bus instead a fleet of smaller cars. Here’s why.

Tshering and His Gift

That moment when you are reminded of the true value of travel and how deeply it affects us. As I look to the future of travel in Bhutan and the changes ahead for us we are reminded of how treasured it is to share a gift.

Jambo Tweet Jambo

Some of the best game drives in Kenya are not actually about Lions and Leopards, but the very small creatures that bounce about between trees and shrubs. It was the bird life in Kenya that really took my breath away on my two week safari in Kenya.

Snow and Light in Norway

Snow hides everything you don’t want to see. It silently arrives in the depth of night and fills in the gaps, wipes away the footsteps from yesterdays photographers and leaves you a clean slate to work with every morning. Snow clones out the messy bits better than any Photoshop session.

One is never enough

What went on in Hobart and why food photography is more than just another gig.

The Best Photo Tour in the World

I was recently asked to review a few photo tours run by other companies, and I was amazed at what I found. Crowded tours, poorly researched itineraries and part-time enthusiasts posing as professionals. It's hard enough to decide whether a group tour experience is suitable for you, so here's a few suggestions to help you pick a winner.

Nepal Photography Tour

One of the most diverse and challenging tours I have ever organised, this non-trekking adventure gets up close and personal with holy men of Kathmandu, takes travellers into the pure air of the Annapurnas and rolls through the dusty streets of Newari villages in Kathmandu Valley. Sultry sadus, scenic mountains and the noble Newari.

Ancient Kingdoms Photography Tour

The Kingdoms of Siam, Laos and the Khmer date back thousands of years, and we explore that history through the perspective of the lens. Bangkok is the bustling heart of Thailand and the starting point for our journey. We travel north to the ancient capital of Chiang Mai, the golden temples of Laos and then conclude our tour in Cambodia's majestic Angkor Wat region.

Australian Outback Flying Photo Tour

Come and see the real Australia in the most exclusive journey you'll ever experience. An epic adventure through The Outback that traverses the southern states on the way to the Red Centre, Uluru, Kakadu, Tiwi Island and The Kimberley. Meet indigenous people of the Northern Territory and cattle farmers in the remote regions of Western Australia. All this in a fully inclusive tour with our own private aircraft.

China Photography Tour

Landscapes and people are just the beginning for this two week exploration in China. From the imperial elegance of Beijing's palaces to the hand ploughed fields of terraces in Guangxi. We take the time to enjoy the culture of China and immerse ourselves in a photographic feast. The people of China are as friendly as they are artistic - take inspiration to cultivate your own expression on the journey of a lifetime.