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Still one of the truly great experiences in South-East Asia, come see Myanmar and enjoy the very best photography it has to offer.

Myanmar Photography Tour

Meet the monks and chase the golden light. Fishermen of Inle Lake, suneset in Mandalay, misty mornings in Bagan and chaotic markets are also part of the plan. This 14 day journey is fully escorted with a local tour guide and photographic guidance from professional photographers Ian Rolfe & Ewen Bell.

We schedule this trip annualy for the early Winter when the air is clear and cool in the mountains - the best time for photographers.

January 8 - 21, 2021
Maximum group size is 8 people, priced at AUD$12,880


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Bagan at dawn is one fo the great photographic experiences of Asia, and we'll be sky high for sunsrise.


Foodie Love

The difference between a good tour and a great tour is the food. Expect to eat local and eat lovely.



Ewen and his local guide have worked together since 2009 and both understand what makes for a great photo tour.


Little Luxuries

We stay at some wonderful hotels along the way, with great locations and just the right amount of pampering.


Photo Love

I want you to go home with some incredible photos and I do my best to get you to the right places and offer the right advice.


Monks and Temples

We have a lot of temples and ruby-robed monks along the way, including the pre-dawn collection of alms.


Highlights from the Himalayas

Every winter I head to the Himalayas for sunshine and inspiration.
Have a look at what a week in the Annapurnas of Nepal looks like
through the lens of the photographer.

We start the Nepal adventure in Kathmandu Valley and
lay down a foundation of ideas and inspiration that
continue for the rest of the journey.

A Few Tour Highlights

Kathmandu Thamel District and Durbar Square
Hindu temple and seedy Sadus of Pashupatinath
Swayambhu Temple at dawn
Tibetan quarter of Kathmandu
Kathmandu's best morning market
Artisans of Bakthapur
Newari Villages of Kathmandu Valley

Aerial views of Annapurna Ranges
Glacial valley at Tukuche and dawn photography of Tukuche peak (2600m)
Laneways of Marpha and the Thakali people
Stunning views of Mount Nilgiri in the morning light
Outpost town of Kagbeni on the edge of the Upper Mustang (2800m)
Tibetan Gompas, Chorten and culture in the Annapurnas
Farming villages, wild horses, tamed yaks and goat herds.

Muktinath outpost located below Thorong Pass
Spiritual site of the temples at Muktinath (3700m) with Hindu and Bhuddist elements
Access by jeep to Annapurnas instead of trekking
Day walks and Nepalese guides along the way
All costs are included in this trip, such as meals, tipping, porters, internal flights and permits.

Full Itinerary is listed in brochure

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Meet The Photographer

My name is Ewen Bell and I love Nepal. This is one of the most rewarding places in the world for photography, and I can show you why. Join me and my to see what makes Nepal unique while exploring deeper into the art of photography.

Photography Tours with Ewen

Photo Essays from Nepal

Feedback from Past Travellers

I have recently returned from Ewen Bell’s Nepal trip 2019. I have written to him personally to thank him, so I address this to those who are tempted to go with Ewen to Nepal on a future trip. Since retiring ten years ago I have been busy visiting and photographing all those places that I have fascinated me during my life. Nepal with it’s climbing and trekking was out of the question till I read Ewen’s “no trekking” promotional material, although Ewen, those 2k walks seemed like trekking to me!

Before leaving, a couple of times Ewen mentioned wanting to support his team in Nepal. I now understand. The respectful relationship they have for each other is something to behold. They assist and smooth over any unforeseen problems in a trice. I thank and congratulate them for making the trip so enjoyable and trouble free.

The rugged stark scenery brings to life what you have read of tectonic plates colliding. The pushing up of mountain chains and then the subsequent erosion by wind and water. But to be able to see it there before your eyes, is a tremendous thrill.

The scenes of mountains and valleys, the villages, the people, the food, the mountain roads and the transport, all tinged with a little daring-do, are unique and honestly too good to be missed. Not to mention the thousands of beautiful photos to sort through on returning home that will keep this trip fresh in your mind for way into the future!

Ewen Bell’s Nepal Photography Tour - Don’t miss it! BTW do not under any circumstances buy a new puffer jacket prior to going. You are warned!

- Timothy M, Australia
Nepal Photography Tour, November 2019

This was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every day with the combination of scenery, people and Nepalese customs. Ewen and Ian were both very generous with their time and contributed different perspectives on shooting and editing my photos. Ewen directed his attention to people and pastoral landscapes while Ian liked dramatic, colorful landscapes. I learned a lot while thoroughly enjoying the experience. Another plus was that both Ewen and Ian liked good food so they would call ahead to the next village stop to make sure lunch or dinner would be ready and would feature local ingredients. I also enjoyed the combination of short treks and driving between villages. I am now signed up for Ewen’s Australia trip!

- Marty B, USA
Nepal Photography Tour, November 2018

Travelling to Nepal with Ewen & Ian truly lived up to its billing as a travel photography adventure. The itinerary took us from the colour and chaos of Kathmandu via the genteel charm Bhaktapur and Bandipur to the majestic Annapurna mountains providing us with a variety of people, places and landscapes to get the creative juices flowing.

Ewen is an inspirational teacher, he was always on hand to provide assistance or feedback whereever required. He also demonstrated techniques for shooting in a range of lighting situations to ensure we all developed our understanding of how to work with the light allowing us to come away with some memorable images. Ian was also very willing to pass on his wealth of experience of shooting landscapes (particularly panoramas which came in very handy in the Annapurnas).

Ewen’s passion for photography is matched by his respect and passion for the culture and the people of Nepal (and maybe a plate of momos). That affinity for the local people has helped Ewen build a strong local support team on the ground who were very friendly and worked hard to ensure our trip went as smoothly as the road conditions in Nepal will allow.

Anyone considering a photo journey to Nepal really need look no further.

- Richard C, UK
Nepal Photography Tour, October 2016

Our journey with Ewen Bell through Nepal in 2014 was exciting both scenically and culturally. The majesty of the mountains is probably surpassed by the friendliness of the people. There are many great photographic opportunities of the people, their towns nestled between the giant peaks, and their religious shrines as well as the mountains themselves. Ewen had a lot to teach, especially regarding the use of light to make stunning images and the use of color in post-processing to recreate the mood of the country. One especially treasured set of memories is of the local guides who were among the most considerate and warm people we have encountered.

- Martin and Bev C, USA
Nepal Photography Tour, October 2014

Joining Ewen Bell on his Nepalese tour was the best travel decision I've ever made. Ewen oozes knowledge and passion, his affinity with the local people is infectious. I learnt so much about photography and coupled with using the best available light it was an awesome adventure. The support team around Ewen was fantastic, from checking into accommodation to being out on the road I couldn't have asked for more. I've made some great friends and can't wait to do it again, frankly i couldn't recommend him highly enough!

- David N, Australia
Nepal Photography Tour, March 2013

I travelled to Nepal with Ewen earlier this year. This is my fourth photography tour with Ewen and as always I loved the trip. Ewen has a gift of showing you the 'real' aspects of a country and it's people. Every day is an adventure and learning different photography techniques and his passion for his craft is inspiring. His mantra 'go slow' means that you get to see and do things that others may never experience. I thoroughly enjoy travelling with Ewen, he is a fabulous mentor, a great travel companion and I look forward to doing another trip with him."

- Eve W, Australia
Nepal Photography Tour, March 2012

I now fully appreciate what the words 'tour de force' mean. From the frenetic pace of crowded Kathmandu to the more gentle pace of ancient Baktapur, the wildlife of Chitwan National Park, the picturesque provincial town of Pokhara, the rugged beauty of the Anapurnas and village life in rural communities, we had an amazing time. Nearly every day, we were up before the sun to catch the first precious rays of light and at the end of the day totally ready to collapse into bed. Yes, it was hard work but the rewards were well worth the effort. The travel experience was a pleasure, occasionally punctuated with the odd surprise, such as an unexpected departure from Chitwan by elephant. Just as importantly, my photography reached a new level. I felt rather like the sorcerer's apprentice following in the footsteps of the sorcerer (Ewen Bell) who helped me along the path to improving my digital sorcery. The results speak for themselves and I can even claim to be smugly proud of more than a few remarkable shots. So many thanks to those who made it possible: Ewen, Sam the Mountain Man, Mr Mohan, our gentlemanly Nepali guide, and most of all the Nepalese people who were a delight everywhere we went."

- Martin Z, Australia
Nepal Photography Tour, April 2010

My fourth trip with Grasshopper Adventures to Nepal was the best yet. Someone on the trip said that her friend suggested that travelling to Nepal was the journey of a lifetime, and for all of us, I think it was. We started in the warm, vibrant and colorful Kathmandu Valley, moved to the rhinos and elephants of the Chitwan National Park, then on to the gray, stoney architecture of the mountain towns with bold splashes of color here and there and the majestic Himalayas shining in the sun. Spiritual places, scenery that takes your breath away, and people that are the kindest and warmest you will ever meet - that's what we photographed. And Ewen and Sam gave us their experience and love for the country along the way. Tibetan music in the van, sunrise to catch the first light on the mountain peaks, an arm around an old man showing us his sword, a hug for a kid, a laugh and a cry. What a journey of a lifetime!"

- Elizabeth G, USA
Nepal Photography Tour, March 2010

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How To Book

If you have a few questions and want to chat to Ewen, just click the button below and email your questions. When you're ready to book just use the booking form below. Once you've paid the deposit of $2,500 your place on the tour is confirmed. If you wish to upgrade to a single room we can add that to your booking as well.

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May 05 Food Photography Workshop4 daysFully Booked
May 11 Grand Outback Photography Tour14 daysFully Booked
October 18 Photo Tour in Nepal15 days
November 19 Bhutan Photography Tour15 days
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May 24 Food Photography Workshop4 days
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November 04 Ancient Annapurnas Photography Tour13 days
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I also run a handful of "slow travel" experiences each year
for those who enjoy the care and attention of our tour designs,
but are not so interested in the photography. See below...

Be Your Best Tours

The World's Best Photo Tours
You won't find a better tour experience: Unmatched knowledge of the locations and local support, hand crafted experiences that run only once every one or two years, our experience teaching the art of photography and a commitment to smaller group sizes.

Beginners Welcome
These tours are not just for advanced photographers, we love welcoming beginners to the craft to help them fast track their creative abilities. Sharing what we know and giving other photographers a truly wonderful experience is the best part of running these tours. If you're ready to learn new skills while you travel then this is the trip for you. If you want to spend quality time with like minded people and enjoy the sharing of knowledge and experiences, then we would love to have you along.

8 is Great
If you have to share a tour with dozens of other photographers, then it's just a tour instead of a photo tour. Smaller groups mean less drama, more fun and are infinitely more rewarding. My first responsibility is to ensure every person on my tour gets plenty of my time and advice, and with fewer photographers in one place you will come home with better photos and the best light :)

Small isn't just good, it's great!


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